Panther News

BY: Norfolk Junior High Student, Reyna Acosta

Life of a Penguin

Penguins are fascinating animals, that can service through the hardest challenges in life, even though they can not fly. There are so many things penguins do to survive, but their whole time isn’t taken up by trying to survive they also have time for love! Penguins live along the line of Antarctica and keep themselves warm with a thick layer of fat that is under their skin. That isn’t their only way to keep warm. The dark colors on their feathers, which are black and white, absorb heat from the sun and that maintains them to stay warm. Penguins survive in Antarctica even though they can’t fly, instead they are very good swimmers. Penguins can’t fly, because they swim so often that their flying skills become weaker. So basically they can’t master both tasks. Penguins don’t all swim the same. Some paddle their feet and others flap their wings. They waddle when they walk because their feet have a very short distance apart. They also walk upright because their feet are towards the back near their tail. Sometimes penguins try to conserve energy and they stop moving around. When they aren’t active their body temperatures drop very low, even down to 15.7 degrees celsius. Penguins don’t sleep in a building like humans do. They sleep out on the land in groups, and they only take short naps not like the long amounts of time humans sleep. This is because they must be alert for predators. Some scientists believe that they take short naps in the ocean. Penguins fall in love too and the male will propose to the female he falls for. Male penguins propose by searching in the entire beach for a perfect pebble for the female he has chosen. When he finds the one he thinks is perfect, he takes it to the female penguin he has chose and drops it by her feet. If the female picks the pebble she has accepted the proposal. Not only do penguins do that, they also watch the eggs while the female goes off to find food. In conclusion penguins are very intelligent, loving, skilled, and cool birds.

Ride Along

Do you like humor, suspense, and adventure? Then Ride Along is the movie for you! Ride Along is a thrilling movie in which a man, Ben, works fearlessly to prove he is worthy to receive James, Angela's brothers, blessing. Ben goes on a Ride Along with James, a cop, & Ben who wants to be a cop in the future. Ben even saves James' life during the Ride Along, but also makes a few mistakes throughout the time. But eventually on that ride along, James finally captures the criminal he's spent years looking for, Oscar. Finally, at the end is the suspense. Will James allow Ben to marry his sister Angela?

Humpty Dumpty

On a gloomy afternoon on May 6, 2010, a very tragic event happened. our dear friend Humpty Dumpty had a tragic fall and sadly passed away. Our sources informed us that he was sitting on a great big wall. After his fall there were many guards who tried to put him back together many times, but it was impossible and they gave up. He had been sitting on Hume wall to take a break from a game of soccer he had just played. Friends of Humpty Dumpty say they never thought he would fall off that wall. The friends that saw the event say that he was getting up, lost his balance and fell back. Humpty Dumpty will be missed by everyone.

Reyna Acosta Autobiography

Reyna Acosta is a tall skinny woman with light brown hair. She is currently living in Paris, France,and she even owns a school that she started when she was 29 in Mexico. It is a school for any type of people. And for those who have less money, the prices are cheaper. Reyna finished high school at Norfolk High School, she participated in volleyball, but not any other sports. She went to the IACTE, Illinois Association Colleges for teacher education. To earn the money she needed for college, she worked at Burger King part-time. Her first teaching job was as a teacher at Washington Elementary School in Norfolk, Nebraska. At the age of 31, she opened her own school in Guanajuato, Mexico. Her oldest daughter Noemi was also interested in becoming a teacher and always loved to help around at the school. At the age of 38, Reyna moved to Paris, France with her two youngest children, Nicole who is currently 16, and Michelangelo who is 15. Noemi preferred to stay at the school and learn more until she was ready to run the school herself. At the time Reyna moved to Paris, her kids were Noemi- 20, Nicole- 14, & Michelangelo- 13. Now Noemi is 22, and is successfully running the school. Reyna moved to Paris and stopped managing the school to have more time with her youngest kids. Now some of her hobbies are reading and playing tennis, and most importantly having quality time with her kids and visiting Noemi. She plans to do some traveling in the future with all three of her kids and her husband.Later on she plans taking more time to be at her school.


Vine is an app for mobile devices, where people post videos that are six seconds long, many of the “famous viners” do comedy videos. To record a video for vine, you aim the camera at the subject you are filming and press on the screen of the device and let go to pause and touch again to continue recording. Vine helps you put two short recordings together, therefore creating one unique video. On your news feed you can see videos that other “viners” have posted. You can also “follow” people on vine, which keeps you updated with the videos they post. There is also an option to “revine” which will post the video on your page for your followers to see. The videos that you give a like to will be listed under the videos you’ve liked on your vine page. Videos on vine can be about anything, but like I already mentioned they are mainly used for comedy.