Safety Data Sheet


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Element name: Vanession

Atomic Mass: 54 kilograms

Symbol: VI

Discoverers: Derrick Idigbe and Rosemary Idigbe

Occurance: Highly concentrated deposits in school, basketball, church, and chinese restaurants. Extremely low deposits in parties, weight room, and circus.

Physical properties

1. Surface is chocolate color, dark brown hair done into braids, brown eyes, and medium sized lips.

2. Boils when too much homework is given in one night and if there is no food in the fridge.

3. Melts when seen random acts of kindness done

4. Can cause chaos if interrupted from a good sleep

5. Specimen can be found in various states:

-Angry when specimen has to wash a lot of dishes

-Sadness on Mondays

-Disappointment when it can't get it's way

-Happiness when in church and/or eating frozen yogurt

-Proud when it passes all my classes with As and/or Bs

6. Becomes stubborn and unyielding when it has to share food

Chemical Properties

1. Is repelled by cockroaches

2. Is attracted to success, music, food, and bubble baths

3. May explode if notices a girl with too much make up on and/or is in a sexiest environment

4. Requires copious amounts of love

5. Will repel if put in the same room with a cockroach

6. Is impervious to rude people