Elm Class Update

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This week in the Elm Class (as told by Elm students)

Anabell came to class and visited. She was nice.

Anabell stayed for a few minutes.

We read a funny book called "Cat Whys".

Michael, Sky's dad came to our classroom the teach us more about the Nutcracker.

We went book shopping with Teressa to get new books. We go fiction and non-fiction.

We have new parters and it is winter.

We went to see the Nutcracker.

We saw people dancing.

We did lots of measurements. We did math to figure out something plus something else.

We are writing about places in Brooklyn with our new reading and writing parters.

Each one has their own chapter and we will make it into a big book.

This week the Elm Class discussed a problem that has come up in the classroom. We have seen writing on furniture and on the walls. Second graders also mentioned seeing writing on the bathroom walls and felt inspired to take action. Many students decided to make signs for the bathroom reminding students to care for this shared space.
We will continue to work on this problem and taking the time to add beauty to the bathrooms in the coming weeks.

Dance Class at Mark Morris Center

Monday, Dec. 7th, 2:30-3:30pm

3 Lafayette Avenue


For Dance next week, we will walk over to the Mark Morris center for a special class. Students will learn from dancers in the company who will teach us some movements from the Hard Nut performance.

Please let us know if you would like to join us for the walk over and the dance class.

Final Dance Class 12/14

We will end our series of dance classes on December 14th from 2:40-3:20. This final class will be open to family members. Please come by if you would like to join us.


This week we began a new reading unit. We are growing knowledge as non-fiction readers. We began the study by reading non-fiction information such as images and maps. We are looking closely at details in these features and putting the pieces together to better understand the topic.

Next week we will continue this work through asking questions and talking about our thinking with each other.

At home, you can read non-fiction titles together and discuss what you discover.

You can also use the sentence starters we will be practicing in class:

  • I'm noticing....
  • I'm learning...
  • I'm wondering....


As mathematicians, The Elm class began to explore how we can think about place value to combine or add numbers. We thought about how to determine the length of two equal sheets of paper. For instance, if the length of one sheet is 12 units, what is the length of two sheets? How do we figure out 12+12? Elm friends thought about how they may know 10+10 is 20 and 2+2 is 4 so 12+12 is the same as 20+4. Other friends used their measuring strips and added on by tens and ones so their counting looked like 12, 22, 23, 24. We will continue to explore these strategies as we move into using an open number line as a model and tool for our math thinking. More to come about the open number line next week!


The Elm class began to write an all-about book about Brooklyn. We began with a table of contents. As partners we chose chapters we wanted to write about and began our planning using a web as a planning tool. We will continue to work with partners to draft and revise our chapters next week. We will think about nonfiction features to include in our chapters such as diagrams, captions, maps and fun fact boxes. We look forward to sharing our finished Brooklyn book with you!

December Shares

We created our calendar for December, which will end our first round of shares for the year. In January, we will open a new round of sharing opportunities in the Elm Class.

Please consider choosing special object, photo, or story that they would like to share with the class.

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Trip to the New Victory Theater

Thursday, Jan. 21st 2016 at 9am-1pm

209 West 42nd Street

New York, NY

The second grade will travel to the New Victory theater and see a performance of The Velveteen Rabbit.

We would love to have some family members join us for this trip. Please let us know if you are interested.