Jackson Journal

November Edition

Translator Hotlines

“If you need this information translated in Spanish, please call...”

Si usted necesita esta informacion traducida al Espanol, por favor llame al 663-9372.

“If you need this information translated in Hmong, please call...”

Yog koj xav kom peb txhais cov ntawv no ua lus Hmoob, thov hu 663-9373


Safety is a top priority at Jackson Elementary. In order to ensure all of our staff and students are safe, please be aware of the following safety measures in place.

November Safety (SRP) Drills: Hold & Evacuate

School safety is critical to high quality learning and the Manitowoc Public School District utilizes the K12 Standard Response Protocol (SRP/SRM) to provide a consistent safety response at all schools. The SRP provides five safety response protocols. Those five responses are SECURE - LOCKDOWN - EVACUATE - SHELTER - HOLD. The SRP provides for a standard response that is shared and trained with students, staff, visitors and with our first responders from the Fire and Police Departments. The SRP can be utilized in many places for more information please see iloveuguys.org.

During the month of November, we will practice a HOLD and EVACUATE drill.

Volunteer Background Checks

Please note any volunteers that work with our students during the school day, must submit a background check.

Safety Screening for Visitors

During the school day, if a visitor would like to go beyond our school office, they will be put through the MPSD's Raptor System. To do this, the adult will need to provide their driver's license to our office assistant Mrs. Van Laarhoven or our secretary Mrs. Fischer.

Thank you for your partnership in keeping our students and staff safe. If you have any questions, please give Mrs. Beatty a call, 920-663-9522.

Picture Retakes: Nov. 15th

On Nov. 15th, photographers from Harmann Studios will be at Jackson for retakes. If you would like your child to participate in having retakes, please contact Harmann Studios by clicking the link here or calling the studio at 1-800-236-8910

Jackson Elementary's Goals for 2022-23

Academic Goals:

Learning to read positively impacts our lives from little on. Reading improves & develops:

  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Memory
  • Analytical Skills

This year at Jackson, we are focusing our building-wide academic goals on reading. Our kindergarteners through second graders will be focusing on increasing their phonological awareness skills which are foundational to reading. Our third through fifth grade students will be focusing on improving key ideas and details.

Teachers will work collaboratively to establish clear targets for learning that address the key skills for reading, create common assessments to measure students' progress in the targeted skills, and analyze data to determine the next steps for instruction so that continuous student growth is achieved. This includes large group instruction and small group instruction that is tailored to individual needs of students. Please watch for strategies you can use to support your child at home in future newsletters.

Behavior Goals:

It is important for students to be able to regulate their emotions. Our school data shows that students are struggling to regulate their emotions, which in turn impacts their learning in the classroom. This year, it is our goal to increase students' ability to regulate their emotions.

To support students in this work, our staff will be learning more about the Zones of Regulation and implementing the strategies into their classrooms. Please watch future newsletters for more information about the Zones of Regulation and how you can use it at home with your student.

Help Your Child Become an Avid Reader

Helping Students in Kindergarten--> 2nd Grade

  1. Read rhyming books with your child & have your child practice finishing the rhyme after you've read it.
  2. Play "I Spy" with letter sounds: Example- Say I spy something that starts with the /t/ sound. Have them focus on finding objects with the letter's sound not the letter itself. The student may find a table or tile.

Helping Students in 3rd-->5th Grade

  1. Read with your child 20 minutes a night. You can do this in a variety of ways: you read to them, they read to you, take turns reading, they read independently while you read your own book, magazine, or newspaper independently.
  2. Surround your child in a text rich environment. Share a variety of texts with your children: point out signs, read books, look through magazines, go to the public library. Help your child to see that their are opportunities to read all around them.

Interesting Reading Statistic

"Children who are read to at least three times a week by a family member are almost twice as likely to score in the top 25% in reading compared to children who are read to less than 3 times a week." -Literacy Project

PTO Survey

Please click here to give our PTO some feedback about meetings and events.

Come Join Us for Our Parent Teacher Organization

The Jackson PTO would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our Jackson families. We would love to see you get involved with the PTO. This is a great way to connect with other families and support the Jackson community.

PTO Meetings:

There is a monthly meeting held currently in the computer lab. During these meetings we discuss upcoming events, make decisions as a group, and discuss ways we can help support Jackson staff and students. Principal Beatty also attends meetings to give an update about what's happening at Jackson.

Next Meeting: November 17th @ 6pm

4K Registration for 23-24!

The MPSD offers a FREE four-year-old kindergarten program for children who will be 4 on or before September 1, 2023. Information regarding the registration process will be mailed to eligible families after the winter break. To ensure your child is on this list, please email dischs@mpsd.school with your child's name, birthdate and address. If you have specific questions, please call 920-686-4786. Thank you!

Mark Your Calendar: Upcoming Events


15th- Picture Retake Day

17th- PTO Meeting 6pm (location-computer lab)

23rd- 1/2 Day for students & staff (12pm dismissal)

24th & 25th- NO SCHOOL for students or staff

29th- DARE Graduation (5th Graders) @ 1pm in Wilson Middle School Auditorium


5th- Staff Development NO SCHOOL for students

15th- Winter Concert

  • Families A-M @ 9:30 am
  • Families N-Z @ 1:30 pm

19th-22nd- Dental Clinic

23-30th Winter Break


2nd- Classes Resume

11th- 3rd School Forest Field Trip

13th- End of Quarter/Semester

16th- No School for Students/Staff

17th- No School for Students (Staff Records Day)

18th- No School for Students (Staff Development Day)

19th - PTO Meeting 6pm

27th- Kindergarten School Forest Field Trip

Jackson Elementary: Student/Parent Handbook

Please take some time to read over our student/parent handbook. Linked in it you will also find a copy of the District's Code of Conduct. Thank you for supporting our students and staff in creating a safe learning environment.