William penn

By:libby shadeck


William penn was not just a wealthy man, he would always speak his mind and wouldn't think about the consequences. First, William was born into a wealthy family.secondly,from a yong age people knew that penn was going to do big things with his life. Lastly, William penn had up's and down's to his later years in life. William was a brave and daring man thought his hole life.

Early Years in Life

First,as a child William Penn was not just a wealthy boy, he was also soon to be a fighter for his beliefs.William Penn was born on October 14,1644 in London England. William William was born into the Anglican faith. Tomas Leo influenced William to be a Quaker at the age of ten or eleven. After that he was expelled from Christ Church collage at Oxford university. That was in 1662, he was expelled because he was a nonconformist in religion. Lastly, William Penn was a bold and daring boy.

Why he is Famous

William made a loud decision to speak his mind no madder the subject or place. Penn became a Quaker at age ten or eleven. In 1675 William was involved in the writing a liberal charter of government for Quaker settling in American colony's. Such as "East Jersey" Now known as "New Jersey." To help the colonies William became friends with the Delaware Indian's. William Penn obtained providence of Pennsylvania in 1681. He got the providence from king George II. witch means he is the so called " the founder of Pennsylvania." Did you know that William was an immense part of American history.

Later Years in Life

William Penn was a strong even as he was sick and struggling. William wanted Pennsylvania yo be a part of the English rule. When he said this people threatened to ruin him. Penn went to debaters prison for his his beliefs and thoughts. In 1712 William became a negotiating with the crown for the state of Pennsylvania, but during this discussion he suffered large strokes. Penn built a home in Philadelphia. William Penn was a brave and daring man. He suffered large consequence for his actions.


William could have done anything with his life and i am very happy with what he did with it! First, when William was a child he was not very active and playful. Secondly, Penn is famous because he is the founder of Pennsylvania. Lastly, William was a strong man even during series of strokes. How did Penn do it, he was a wonderful, outgoing, brave, and splendid man with tons of great ideas.


  • Anglican- of or realating to the episcopal church of England and churches of similar faith and order in common with it.
  • nengotiating- to arrang for or bring about by disction and attending of terms
  • nonconformist- a person who does not behave the way most people behave


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