Binion E-Meeting

February 1st, 2016

Such Inspiration

A school counselor.

A helper. I can influence

Bring knowledge, Guide,

Yes, and be on their be on their side!

The chance to bring change

To a child’s mind,

Can carry me through my day---

Motivated Energized

The possibility to help a child be better understood.

Even prized.

The opportunity

To have an effect is-

An honor

A challenge

A gift

A spiritual lift.

These children…

Such inspirations.---Barbara Campbell

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Meet the new addition to our staff: Graciela Narvaez

"Hello, I am very happy to be working at JCB as the cafeteria manager. I have been at Stowe Elementary for six years. My children are also BISD students. I enjoy cooking and spending time with my family. I love working in the schools and specially working with kids."

Please take sometime to meet Graciela on Monday. :)

Shout Outs!

Shout out to 4th grade's PROJECT KINDNESS!

Shout out to Ms. Misty DeMoss for being selected as Binion's 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year!

Shout out to Ms. Demoss, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. DeArmond, Mrs. Bridger and Mr. Bess for representing us well at the BOB competition and taking our students to a first time in Glenview/JCB history!!

Upcoming Events

Monday February 1rt Blue 5- SIGGS Due to Mrs. Trejo, Kick Off Cookie Dough Fundraiser, Mrs. Brown out for TX School Counselors Conference, Staff Meeting Agenda 3:45 Click Here , Reading 360 Reports during conferences (LOL room)

Tuesday February 2nd Purple1-Groundhog Day, Hager out ILT, Behavior RTI Smith/Hager,

Wednesday February 3rd Red 2- Revising/Editing CBA, Reading RTI during ART time, FAB 3:45,

Thursday February 4th Orange 3-5th grade will be using the computer lab 10:15-12:15 for middle school registration, 100th Day of School, Good News Club LIBRARY

Friday-February 5th Yellow 4- TGIF

Number Talks Soon our campus will be receiving the book, Number Talks for teacher resource section. It has a DVD with videos that model how to build number sense with students. It will be coming to your library soon.

Have a wonderful week!

Brittany's Corner

Writing CBA
Feb. 3rd (3rd-5th) revising/editing CBA
  • There will not be any small group pull out testing for this CBA, because oral admin. is not allowable on a revising/editing assessment. You can still allow extra time for your students who have that accommodation. You may give this CBA at any time on February 3rd. Again, MUST be given on February 3rd (unless a student is absent).
  • **NEW** - Your scores for this CBA must be scanned in by Feb. 5th. You have just two short days to get this done. As always, if you would like me to scan them for you, please let me know.
  • You may pick up your CBAs Wednesday morning before school. Please return your answer docs to me as soon as you scan them. You can return the tests by the end of next week, so you have a chance to review them with your students.

Progress Monitoring

There has been some confusion as to when and how we are supposed to progress monitor Tier 3, Tier 2, and Tier 1 Watch students.

  • The best thing to do is to refer to the RtI handbook (to open, you must enter your username and password that you use to log onto your computer):
  • According to the handbook, you should be progress monitoring every 4-6 weeks (depending on the Tier of the student) using STAR Math and STAR Early Literacy/Reading. In other words, your students on those Tiers should be taking those assessments every month. Please refer to the handbook for exact details.

MOY Testing

  • WE SURVIVED! Thank you for getting the STAR, ISIP, and WRAP assessments complete. The window has officially closed. If you had any students absent, they can complete their assessments when they return.
  • I have to say that I have been bragging on you all. I know you do not like those reminders, "Hey, don't forget, your student still needs to complete the STAR test." Trust me, I don't like having to do that, either. However, there is a purpose... When we do not get all of our scores in by the end of the window, we get a phone call from a higher-up wanting to know why. I had an AP call me last week letting me know he/she received "the call." My response: "Not me! My staff is on top of it!" Many thanks to y'all for taking care of business. :-)

Reading Collaborative

  • February 3rd is our reading collaborative.
  • Please be prepared to discuss your students reading Tiers. Bring any necessary data (remember, use a preponderance of data) and laptops to update AWARE forms.
  • Math teachers, you do not need to attend.

Supplemental Aids

  • LAST CALL (3rd-5th) - I need any supplemental aids your 504/SPED students plan to use for STAAR by the end of the day tomorrow. I have to send them off to get approved.

Jeff's Corner

I just feel lost.... searching for this week's January Smore flyer.... Sadly... I realized that January is gone! Time to take a deep breath and dig into February!

Last week some Battle of the Books team members asked me what team I was rooting for--- Binion Bobcats or Watauga Wildcats? I told them I could never cheer for one team over another because everyone was so special. It was a fun conversation, but to solve my dilemma one of them said... "Well, Mr. Wood--- just cheer for the "Cats!" Their solution was perfect, and it reminds me how often our learners have great ideas ready to offer us.

I must piggy-back on the shout-outs... BOB coaches and team; Ms. Misty DeMoss' selection as Teacher of the Year: and a hooray for our counselors (Ms. Brown, Ms. Thompson, as well as Ms. Farmer). There are so many positive things taking place! And, truly... that includes things like getting data scanned.

Last week was only the second time we had NO winner in the Getting to Know you Jeans pass contest without additional clues. I will send those out tomorrow. But for THIS WEEK... here goes....

Getting to Know You Mystery Person of the Week

* Born, raised, public schooled, and universitied all in the "shadow" of Sundance Square
* An exciting moment... "seeing George Strait's final conert"
* Favorite Movies... include What About Bob, Gone With the WInd , and What a Wonderful Life
* Favorite Vacation Trip: Wyoming
* Bucket list vacation trip... Alaska
* Embarrassing moment...? "the many moments I have opened mouth and inserted foot"
* Favorite books include The Bible and those authored by Karen Kingsbury
* Favorite Foods: Mexican Food!
* Person to have private dinner with... "George Jones...the greatest country singer ever!"
* What you like most about your team..."We support one another and lift each other up"
* What you like most about Binion... "the caring supportive staff"
* Something others might find interesting... " I recently climbed to the top of a phone booth!" (Once again, Bobcat Staff---YOU ask her for the details!)

Email me your guess by noon tomorrow. The winning guesses will go in the drawing for a jeans pass!!
Get to Know your Colleagues! Have a great (and yes, busy) week!!
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