Grade 4/5B Weekly News

Mrs. Tomietto - Room 224

Week of: September 8-12, 2014

Paper Dolls

This week we created paper dolls to reflect ourselves. This was an extension to reading the book "You Are Special" by Max Lucado. After admiring our handiwork, we passed around our dolls and simulated negative comments, all the while damaging the dolls. This was very difficult for some students. We then discussed how the tearing and crumpling of the dolls represented how we are hurt by put-downs and exclusion. Please do ask your child about what happened when we tried to repair the damage, and what this symbolizes. It certainly generated some very sensitive and thoughtful comments, and I hope it will serve as a reminder of how to treat one another.


This week, we began our baseline language assessments and completed writing front-page newspapers about ourselves. We also started our Daily Starters activities first thing after entry each morning. Reading assessments will likely take until next week to complete. Also, we will be starting some work on sentence structure and parts of speech. Students are encouraged to continue reading at least 20 minutes each evening.


We began our first unit of study involving graphing and data management. We all learned how to create and read Venn diagrams. Grade 4 students reviewed pictographs and Grade 5 students created double-bar graphs, comparing two sets of data.

Social Studies

We started learning about Canada's regions in Grade 4, while the Grade 5 students reviewed the capital cities of each province and territory.


We all discussed the steps involved in Scientific Inquiry, and the Grade 4's will be starting to read about Light and Sound, while the Grade 5's will be learning about Matter.

Special Events/Important Dates

Professional Activity day: Monday September 22
Terry Fox run/walk: Tuesday September 23

Curriculum Night: Wednesday October 1 (Please plan on attending if you can).
Photo Day: Tuesday October 7