By Rosemary

What are tsunamis?

Tsunamis are big waves of water that are caused because of underwater earthquakes. Tsunamis can be as big as the titanic. For example, one big tsunami actually killed 23,423,00 people.Here is a photo of a tsunami.
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How do tsunami's impact human homes?

Have you ever wonder what the tsunami usually does to human's homes? Well, read on if you want to know more. People may still be in the house while it gets washed away and then, die in the sea! Also, after a tsunami goes by there will be no food, water or sanctuary because those supplies are mostly in human's houses. Plus, people get hurt because things that are too big for the tsunami to carry are left behind and many people who get swept away bump into the things.

How do tsunami's impact humans?

You should be real careful if a tsunami just passed and you survived. Why? Well, read more if you want to know. After a tsunami's passes, it leaves many diseases. Such as chicken pox, dengue fever, and measles. Many lives are put in danger because these diseases are highly contagious. If it is not treated soon that person is at risk of dying. Tsunamis usually cause


and floods are made by the river, streams and lakes so, it is likely that thousands of people will die.

How do tsunami's impact human resources

Many people that do survive the tsunami are put in hard times. Why? Well, that is because, in the tsunami, many things are washed away, such as plants, trees, houses, and water. I also, included water because the town's water source might actually be that lake which the formed the tsunami. Now, that the lake is filled with all that bad stuff, no one would drink that. A scary thing that could happen is that if too many people are starved they might have to sacrifice newborns and children. The worst thing that could happen to the city is the source of water. In tsunamis, it is so rough that many of the buildings get torn down and home water pipes burst or pop.


Many people who have survived a tsunami have a hard time living. Why? You ask. Well, that is because a tsunami can wipe out a lot of things. One thing that is important and can be wiped out is your house. It is important because your house contains your; food, water, and sanctuary. Some advice you might need to know is: If you can see a tsunami you can't escape it. Always keep tuned to the radio in case of any warnings of tsunamis.