Come to The Massachusetts

It will be the best decision you ever make


There are lots of hills and low mountains. There are many forests that provide plenty of lumber. The soil is thin and rocky so it isn't very good for large plantations but you can have a garden. The largest river in our region is the Connecticut river. Off the coast is some of the most rich fishing grounds in the world.


In Massachusetts Bay they had a representative government with two bodies. In Plymouth the government was the Mayflower Compact.


There are a lot of forests so there is alot of fur to trade. We also make money from whaling and fishing. We don't make money off large scale farming. We make money mostly off fishing and trading.


The people were mostly Puritans and Quakers who were people that came form Europe. The settlers in Plymouth came to be free from religious persecution.

Who Founded The Colony and Why?

Massachusetts bay was founded by the puritans to have religious freedom. Plymouth was founded by a group of separatists to be free from religious persecution.