Creative Reflection

Based on Module 2, 3, 4

Leadership and Group development

Module 2 taught me a lot about groups, power, empowerment, and leadership. I now know how to make an approach to group work. I know how to be a good group member, what type of group member not to be, and what approaches I can take when conflict arises.

Critical Self-Reflective Practice

Module 3 taught me a lot about myself and how being good with interpreting others feelings can help me in my profession. I know of grounding techniques that can help me, along with clients in the career to feel a bit better during anxious times.

Empathy, Compassion & Self-Care

I learned in Module 4 that the most important thing you can do for yourself in the social work field is take care of yourself. Also being very empathetic can make your experience with your clients better. There are positive strategies I remembered to use as well if I'm feeling low.