Being an American as a Pioneer

by Devon Schmidt

Being an a American as a Pioneer during the westward expanision.

Being an American as a Pioneer during the Westward Expansion means being strong, ,and smart. If you did not have these qualities it would be very hard to survive the journey.


You needed to be strong. If you are strong then you will be able to succeed on your trip. By being strong you could lift your wagon out of a ditch or even fight people if they were coming after you. If a family member were to die or get hurt you need to be strong and keep going on your journey. In the story On The Plains in 1844 says that "He not only killed the great bison, but often brought home on his shoulder the timid antelope that had fallen at his unerring arm..." This quote shows that you had to be strong so that you could bring home the food that you had just killed even if it weighs a lot you have to do whatever you can in order to survive.
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You need to be smart. If you are smart the journey will be easy. By being smart you can find the right food and water, without it being dirty or poisonous. You should also know how to treat a wound or a sickness.Knowing how to make weapons will help you along the journey by getting food.You also needed to know if you have appropriate warm clothes if you didn't, you could get sick and possibly die. As it say in the story On The Plains 1844. "Rain came down and required us to tie down the wagon covers, and so it increased our sickness by confining the air we breathed." This quote means that you needed to know how to do the difficult things, and keep all supplies safe even if it is poring rain and you are feeling sick.
Western Movement: Pioneers and Frontier Life

In conclusion

The journey was finished but the pioneers faced many challenges. If they didn't have the quality of being strong there journey would be very difficult. Also if you didn't have the quality of being smart the journey would also be very difficult. Pioneers who had these qualities succeeded and did very well.

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