by Lois Lowry


Annemarie and Ellen are best friends living in copenhagen, Denmark in 1943, Nazis occupy the country Annemarie, Kristi (Annemarie young sister) and Ellen get stopped by Nazis.

rising action

1:Annemarie,Kristi, and Ellen go to the button shop, but it was closed there was a note on the door with a swastika sing on it Mrs. Johansen and Mrs.rosens are worried because the hitch's's are jewess.

2:Peter(Lise's fiance)warned the Johansens that the nazis relocated the Jewess. Ellen stays with the johansens while peter takes the Rosens to a safe place.

3:The nazis come to the apartment and wake up the family Ellen is pretending to be Lise. then the soldiers ask why Ellen has dark hair, Mr.Johansen takes pictures of Lise's dark hair as a baby.

4:The johansens and ellen(except Mr.Johansen)decide to visit uncle henrik's house that is near the sea and uncle Henrik is a fisher man.

5:On the train ride nazis soldiers ask "are you visiting your brother for the new year?" Kristi tells the soldiers about her new shoes trying to show off. Annemarie and her mom where scared of kristi telling the soldier that ellen is jewess.

6: Ellen meats uncle Henrik and she and Annemarie learn about great aunt bitty and her funeral.

7:Jewess people and the rosens appear then the soldiers came and asked why there were so many people here. Annemarie mom answer "because it is a funeral my grandmother died," the soldier said, "so why the cover isn't open so I can see your grandma" Annemarie's mom answer sarcastic "even thou the doctor said she died from a disease that can be contagious but that dosen't matter because I want to give her a goodbye kiss on the cheek "the soldier hit her and said "stupid woman open it after we. "the soldiers left and Annemarie cry.

8:the lid is opened and sweaters were distributed to the people. peter ask Mr. rosens if he could give it a Packet to Henrik not miss out. peter leads to group and inge (Annemarie's mom) leads to other group. Annemarie says goodbye to ellen and ellen leaves. Annemarie says goodbye to her mom and comes home with tears in her eyes.

9:Annemarie wakes up early to see if mom is there but she is not.after some hours Annemarie sees her mom laying down on the floor and runs to help her she takes her mom in and lay down with her on the stairs and sees the package on the floor


Annemarie saw the package on the floor. She had to deliver it to her uncle Henrik! she gets stopped by the nazis. Who start to search her basket. The nazis saw the package and open it. IT'S A HANGERCHIF!!!!!

Falling action

The family goes back to they're house.


Annemarie and her family are on the valconi of the apartment.Thinking about Lise,Peter, and her friends the Rousens.

Character Traites

Annemarie: She is blond and fast. She is bigger for her age,she is berry brave to and a girl who is Ellen's bff. She is brave because her mom was heart and need to give a packet to his uncle henry.She lives in Copenhagen,Denmark

Ellen:She is a shy girl and a little brave. she is a Jewesh and she is really scared of what is going to happened to her family and to her friend ship with Annemarie. She lives in Copenhagen to.

Flat characters

1:peter: he is lise fiance and the secret agent of copenhagen.

2: Lise:she is Annemarie's bigger sister and she is a agent to.


Copenhagen: Is a little town where Annemarie lives and where the whole story takes place.

Uncle henrikes house:where the Johansens and ellen stay.

Extra part

The problem in the story is that the germans want to keep Denmark and has be taking jewess away.


I love this book is the best one of all

because it has drama, adventure,and excitement.