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This Week's Fun Facts Topic: Feet

Feet are very interesting. Studies show that without your feet you can't walk. Who knew? Scientists have proven that feet are largest in the evening. In a pair of feet, there are 250, 000 sweat glands. In Canada the average shoe size has gone up two hole sizes! Athlete's foot is a common foot disease, if left untreated it can become itchier and you will become even grumpier. A planter wart is created when human skin contacts HPV, some symptoms are thickened skin, pain, and tiny black dots. Examples down below. Don't forgot to donate to our piggy bank charity which helps people get rid of foot diseases.
Top Ten Creepy T.V. Shows

1. The Inside Story



4. Ludwig


6.Worzel Gummidge

7.The Boy from space


9. The Trap Door

Last, but not Least number 10. The Box of Delights

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