Cross-Country Skiing

Sochi 2014

By: Lajla Dedic and Haley Dodson

the most important thing this season


Who: Norwegian and Swedish immigrants developed cross country skiing in the 1850s.
Where: It was developed in the Fennoscandian countries during prehistoric times.

How the sport is played: the person skies across a country side and it has a certain distance that the athlete ski.

What the sport is played with: skis, cross country ski poles blinders,and usually alpine ski boots.

List of events included in our topic:

February 8th: Men skiathlon 15 km classic + 15 km free

February 9th: Ladies skiathlon 7.5 classic + 7.5 km free

February 11th: Ladies sprint qualification

Februa:ry 11th: Mens sprint qualification

results: The USA got 0 medles for cross-country ( go norway )


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Cross Country Skiing