Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Free App for Apple or Android Products

Uses advanced image and pattern recognition to blend real-world with rich interactive content known as "Auras."                                                     

Important Tech-Terms to Know

Trigger- image or object you want to enhance or connect to video, cartoon or online content
Overlay- the video, cartoon or online content you connect to an object or image
Aura-The finished product; "magically" appears when students use devices to focus in on the trigger; they are able to view the object while watching the video, cartoon or online content that you connect to the object

Aurasma Brings 20 Dollar Bill to Life

Aurasma brings $20 bill to digital life

Educational Strengths

Educational Weaknesses

Every now and then, the Aurasma app get a little tempermental.  You have to focus the object "just so" to trigger the Aura.  Sometimes students (and teachers) get frustrated!

Using Aurasma in the Classroom

Augmented Reality in Education: Shaw Wood Primary School uses Aurasma

Possible Educational Tasks

Creating Worksheet Centered Auras- Students could capture an image of their worksheet/homework and trigger a video/animation that explains content, processes, etc.
Embedding real world math problems (slope, sorting, graphical analysis...) into every day images
"Living" Word Walls- Students can experience word meaning, context, applications, etc. by focusing in on word wall vocabulary
Student Created Presentations
Scavenger Hunts

Created by: Hope McClure