AWARDS: Sportsman of the year,Hank Aron award,National MVP Award.

Children: Sammy sosa JR, Keysha Sosa,Michael Sosa,Kenia Sosa.

Sammy sosas carrer began with the Texas Rangers in 1989.

Sammy sosa is 43.

Sammy sosa was a right fielder.

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Barry Bonds

Weight 228 pounds.

Barry is a out fielder.

Barry bond played for Pittsburgh pirates 1986-1933

His dad was a base ball legend "Bobby Bonds".

He got an award for most Major League BaseBall Home run record for Hank Aron awards.

He won numerous MVP awards and golden gloves.

Played For SF Giants IN 1993-2007

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Babe Ruth

Babe ruth had a daughter Dorothy Ruth

His nickname was bambino.

1923 MVP.

Retired at 1948.

Was the 2nd best athlete in the 20th century.

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Jackie robinson

First african american to play In MLB.

His position was a running back.

He got a presidential freedom medal.

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