New Teacher Training

Surviving the First Year

ABC's for first year teachers

ABC's for First Year Teachers

Ask for help.

Be firm but flexible.

Communicate with parents.

Develop a routine.

Excite students to learn.

Find time to get to know your coworkers.

Go to after school activities.

Have high expectations.

Institute a clear discipline policy.

Jump at opportunities.

Keep calm.

Learn from your mistakes.

Model expected behaviors.

Never give up on a student.

Over plan.

Prepare interesting lessons.

Quit worrying.

Remember to use time wisely.

Stay confident.

Treat everyone equally.

Understand all students learn differently.

Volunteer within your school's community.

Work to your highest potential.

Xpect the unexpected.

You can't be too hard on yourself.

Zero in on your strengths.

What Great Teachers Do...

Greet students with a smile at the door every day.

Students should have something to do when they come in every morning.

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT - Rules and Procedures should be set and enforced. Spend time at the beginning of the year setting the tone for the rest of the year.

Make positive contact with parents. Means a lot to parents to hear good things.

There will be rough days.

Dress professionally.

Beg, Borrow, and Steal!

Set aside time to plan. Keep visiting to a minimum.



Professional Development - Blogs, Twitter

Remember - The only love some students receive, is what they receive at school.

Continue learning.

Study your content.

YOU have to want to be a GREAT teacher! (Administration can tell)

Classroom Setup

Keep an organized classroom.

Small group table

Carpet area

Bulletin boards are for learning. Walls should not be completely covered.

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