January Newsletter!

December Recognition

Congratulations Superstars!
Consistency is key. Keep making connections and sharing your business.

Central Team Volume 3636.00
Melissa Gale 2597.45
Malissa Monaghan 632.85
Jenny Baker 224.90
Culleen Christo 124.60
Kim Baker 56.20

SOAR Regional Training!

SOAR Regional Training is Saturday, January 18th!
To be successful in your business, it is important to be "coachable", plug in, engaging training, and to follow through with what you learn!

I am looking forward to SOAR. Can't wait to spend time with each of you, to learn, to grow, to set goals, and achieve them in 2014!

January Training

I enjoyed meeting you all in December! As a review to what we talked about, there are 3 important steps to take to kick start your business!

Your success is dependent on you and what you do for your business to grow. The more you water it, the bigger it will grow.

1) Create your "why", set goals
2) Create your weekly work schedule to work on your business doing income producing activities.
3) Create your contact list.

Create your Why

Creating your why will take a little bit of time to develop, but don't skip this part. Write it down, share it with others. When writing your why, answer these questions:

  • What is your purpose/goal in life?
  • Write ALL of it down
  • Look at your list. Are there any that make you want to cry or move you emotionally in someway?
  • Your why should motivate you to work on your business even when you are discouraged with party cancellations, Back Office glitches, Out of stock items, etc...
  • Origami Owl is not just jewelry. It is a mission to be a force for good, and they use the jewelry as a tool to be a force for good.


My why is much large than myself. As a result of being laid off and experiencing homelessness, I have developed a deep compassion for single mothers and the homeless. Origami Owl was a blessing because it gave me hope and a way to supplement my income. My immediate goal with my Origami Owl business is to pay off debit, college loans, afford to live in my own apartment or buy a small home. However, this is not my "WHY" for Origami Owl. My why is to love, motivate, inspire and empower other women like myself to also be successful, to build friendships, and to help other single mothers and the homeless to also find hope. I am using Origami Owl as my platform to carry-out my why. I will share the business opportunity, mentor and train other designers, show love and appreciation to hostess and customers, raise funds to help the homeless, and much more.

Create your contact list

When creating your contact list, write EVERYONE down.
men, women, teens, work, friends, family, work, school, college, church, clubs, businesses, chamber of commerce, service providers (hairdresser), also all of your contacts' friends family, co-workers, etc...

  • Share your business with every person. Share your story, your goals your why...etc.
  • Approach each person for referrals to continuously grow your contact list.
  • Invite contacts to learn about the business and to join you as a business partner.
  • Invite contacts to host a jewelry bar.

Weekly work schedule

Create a schedule for working on your business and stick to it.
Treat it like a business, and it will pay like a business!

1) How many hours will you focus on your business? 5 hours/ week - 20 hours/week
2) Schedule in the time when you will work on your business. Will you work from 6:00-7:00pm or 2:00pm -6:00pm (for example)?
3) Plan what you will do during that time:

  • Share and invite people to learn more about the business
  • Invite people to host a jewelry bar
  • Ask for referrals of people who would be interested in the business or hosting a Jewelry Bar.
  • Call hostess to coach them
  • Customer follow ups

Everything else is busy work:
Making flyers
Stickering catalogs
Making Hostess packets

Melissa Gale

My personal goal for 2014 is to get to know you better, work with you on your business and to help you achieve levels of leadership!

Am available to you 24/7! Don't hesitate to call, e-mail FB, or text me!