The Grove

May 29, 2020

A Note from Principal Graham

Please join us in celebrating these educators! They have been a wonderful part of our Oak Grove family and we wish them the best of luck with their next adventure. Once a patriot, always a patriot!

Thursday, June 4th is our drive-thru celebration. Come wave goodbye, drop off any packets or books, pick-up your ordered yearbook or summer connection supplies. We hope to see our families from 7:30-10:00 am or 4-6 pm.


Sarah Avila - Lead Interventionist

I have been in education for 23 and at OGE for 7 years. I will be moving to Alabama, building our retirement home, be around most of our nine grandchildren, and take extended family vacations together at the beach. What I've loved the most about my time at OGE is definitely the people - children and adults. I love seeing the lightbulb come on in reading for a young child. I appreciate the unique viewpoints each staff member brings to the table when we are discussing plans for students. I enjoyed the synergy of our RtI team, with each member giving 110% to see that all of our students have opportunities to grow as learners.

Rhonda Doran - 2nd Grade Teacher

I have been teaching for over 25 years and have been at OGE since 2008. I taught first grade for 9 years and second grade for 3. Before that I taught in Charleston, Florence, and Richland Counties. I have taught preschool, kindergarten for 10 years, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade gifted and talented, and adult education English. I plan to travel and visit my family. My hobbies include travel, exploring nature, writing, and making things.

Jennifer Howard - PreK Instructional Assistant

I have spent my entire 23-year educational career at OGE. I enjoyed the students while teaching at OGE. I always felt I related to them and hopefully I was able to help them learn with positivity. I also appreciate the friendships with coworkers I have made over the years. After leaving OGE, I plan to travel with my husband, having fun with my grandchildren and working in the yard. I will also spend time with our children in our children's home in Haiti and look for new and exciting experiences.

Lynne Mann - PreK Instructional Assistant

I have been at Oak Grove for 8 years and substituted for 5 years prior to that. In my retirement, I plan to spend more time with family and especially my 6 grandchildren. My time at OGE, I have loved all of the hugs that I got from all of my students. I followed each of my 4k students through 5th grade and attended their 5th-grade graduation. I was so proud of them knowing they began their educational journey in our 4k class.

Conner Rogers - 4th Grade Teacher

I have been fortunate enough to be a teacher for 31 years. The most fabulous of these years have been the 21 that I've spent at OGE! It's been my home and an amazing institution that my two children attended as well. I'm looking forward to traveling with my family, especially to Surfside Beach. Special memories that I have involve the fabulous students and teammates that I've worked with in 4th grade. I have been fortunate that all of my teammates have been loving, respectful, and FUN! We have always found time to get to know each other and work in an environment that made sure to laugh every day. Thank you for this time, and it's truly been an honor and a privilege.

Sarah Weiss - RTI

I have spent that last 8 years at OGE of my 20 years in education. I have enjoyed working with my students, the hugs they gave me and the many wonderful friendships formed throughout these years. I now plan to enjoy life and travel with my husband. I enjoy being with family, sailing and outdoor water sports as it takes me back to the time of sailing competitively in regattas and national championships.


Farrah Glover - Speech

This year was my first year at OGE. I've worked in education for 3 years as an Speech Language Pathologist. I plan to continually serve children in the school setting in Lexington and surrounding counties through Southeastern Speech & Language Services. The OGE family welcomed me with open arms. From my first introduction during teacher orientation week to this day, I've truly enjoyed working with everyone. The SPED team was really "Spot On" and assisted me with the ins and outs of the department. I also loved working with the students I served, they were amazing. It was a great year!

Anna House - PreK Teacher

I have been teaching for 6 years now. The last 3 at OGE in the preschool high support classroom. My favorite thing about Oak Grove is the people. The amazing teachers and staff that welcomed me from the beginning. I also love the preschool team. I think we have the best preschool team in the district! I will be moving into a new role at Central Services as a Behavior Intervention Specialist for the next school year. I will work primarily with kindergarten students who need extra behavior support inside the general education classroom.

Sherry Isgett - 5th Grade Teacher

This was my first year at OGE and completes my 16th year in education. My plans are to relocate to the Cocoa Beach, Florida area and teach school in Brevard County. OGE administration, faculty and staff are so supportive and helpful. I have loved my time at OGE working with my students and fifth-grade team.

Mary Rachel Warr - Pyschologist

This is my 5th year as a school psychologist and I have been the Preschool Psychologist at OGE for 2 years. My husband and I are moving due to a job opportunity for him. We are excitedly awaiting the birth of our first baby in June! I will continue to be a school psychologist in a different district. I love reading, spending time with family, traveling with my husband and antique shopping. I LOVE the preschool team and students at OGE! They are the best!

Jennifer Williams - Resource

I have been in education for 10 years and at OGE for the last 2 years. I will be a resource teacher at Beechwood Middle School this coming school year. I'm also finishing my master's in library science and look forward to being a school librarian soon! I have loved my time at OGE and my wonderful students.

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5K Enrollment

2020-2021 enrollment for new 5K students is currently taking place. Please call the front office at (803) 821-0100 to receive enrollment forms via email. Upon completion, paperwork can be dropped off at the school Monday - Friday 8am-1pm. The following additional documentation will be needed:

1. Current power or water bill

2. Drivers license with current residing address

3. Student's original birth certificate (long form)

4. Student's up to date immunization record

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