Ms. Gebhard's 1st Grade Class

Make Yourself Proud!

Classroom Update

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Fun Run this week! We had a blast running and now it's time to gather the money for your pledges. Please turn in the money you raised asap!

Big Pumpkin Day is coming up in our classroom on October 30th from 1pm - 2:45pm and classroom volunteers are needed to help make it possible. Here is a link to sign up to donate supplies or your time.

Eblen Charities helps students in our school community by donating clothing and shoes, school supplies, classroom snacks, and medical needs. You can help by purchasing a pumpkin for $1 to be hung in the lobby. A donation of any amount will help these students in need! Right now our class is in the lead for the most pumpkins sold - thank you for your generosity!

Upcoming Claxton Events:

10/26-10/27 - No School for Students

10/30 - Big Pumpkin Day (in our class), Fall Carnival (evening)

This Week in 1st Grade

Monday -

Tuesday -

Wednesday -

Thursday -

Friday - Math and Fundations Unit 4 HW due

Our Learning Goals

Reading: We will continue focusing on using decoding strategies when reading. We will start working on asking questions when we read a book. Students will receive their first Time for Kids and learn about non-fiction text.

Writing: We will continue writing personal narratives using transition words to tie our story together.

Math: We will continue to work on learning our addition facts. Students will also learn how to solve true/false and missing addend problems.

Science: We will be learning about the pumpkin life cycle and the parts of a pumpkin.

Social Studies: We will introduce maps, including navigation using cardinal directions. Students will learn about different landforms as well.

A look at last week...

Working our hardest and learning something new every day!

Practice Math at Home!

Attached to your 1st quarter midterm was your child's user name and password. This site is a great resource to practice math at home.