Gerard Way

By Carolyn Porter

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His life before fame

Gerard Way, he was a very artistic child he loved music and drawing. He even played in Peter pan he got the lead role.

He lived in a dangerous neighborhood was not allowed outside all the time. He was held at gun point.

He was a very shut in child and he would draw all the time and he enjoyed his time alone when his brother would go out partying like any teen would.

He went to college Of Fine Arts to become a comic artists.

After college he talked with his brother and friends to see if they could have a band.

After 9/11 happened he wanted to do something with his life and not shut himself out from the world.

My Chemical Romance - "Helena" [Official Music Video]
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His Band

His band was very close nit they were like family but there were some problems with the price of fame.

He became very stressed and would to a point were he could not stand.

His friends and brother would egg him on and he would give into the pressure and end up getting wasted.

but his dream was to be a comic book writer slowly fading away and he lost sight of what he wanted to do .


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Under the Influence ( trying to overcome obstacles)

Trying overcome his obstacles he tried his best to stop drinking but he kept doing it if he stopped for a couple days.

His friends made it really hard to stop

He wanted to stop the band completely so he could end his drinking problems

Tried to make his friends stop so he could stop the drinking problem and everyone could get help

Gerard Way - "No Shows" [Official Music Video]

The after affect

He was able to collect himself for his family and the best thing he could do was to leave the band and work on his own and you can tell in the video.

the change helped him in this video it was all in color and more bright.

He was happier being on his own and not being told what to and he made a whole new Album in 2014 which debuted his solo.

He was able to use his artistic talents and bring his dreams to life.