Hades & Persephone

Mason Ely and Bianca Vissers

The Story

The God of the underworld, Hades, kidnapped his brother Zeus (God of the sky) and Demeter’s (Goddess of nature) daughter, Persephone. Hades kept her there and made Persephone Queen of the underworld. Demeter keeps the earth from growing until she gets her daughter back so Zeus intervenes and takes her back. But before she left, Hades tricked her into eating and if you eat something in the underworld, you can not leave. Demeter was furious after Hades made her stay there for a third of every year which created the winter season.

Cultural significance

It is significant because Hades is defined in the Bible as the place for the departed souls where souls await judgment. This is important in our culture because 70% of people in the United States are Christian.

How does it connnect to the world today?

It is also an important myth to the world because it used to describe the realities of agricultural productivity.