Cross Country


What is it?

Cross Country for high school is when you have to run 3.1 miles. It is also a sport where you encourage the other runners. As you're running, you will here from the other runners that you're doing great. There is a good spirit in cross country.

The Team

Skyler Lyons, Joey Snider, Wyatt Snider, Blake Ragan, Chelsea Zaldivar, Elizabeth Walker, Kaitlin Green, and Jessica Burkehart
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The freshman boys (Skyler Lyons, Joey Snider, Wyatt Snider) actually made a team accomplishment. We were the second team in Delphi cross country history to place as a team.
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Sectional Meet

Sadly not very many people were able to show up for sectionals.
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Fun Pictures From The Season

Delphi Cross Country Video Commercial