Lauren Hill

19 year old basketball player with terminal cancer

lauren hill

Lauren Hill was an NCAA basketball player from Mount St. Joseph University. All that Lauren wanted to do in her life was to play in a real basketball game. When she was 19 years old her wish came true. But when she was 17 years old she was diagnosed with DIPG. Since she was still focused on her goal to play in a basketball game she just pushed through everything and worked harder than ever.


DIPG stands for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, this is a form of inoperable terminal brain cancer. DIPG normally forms and is diagnosed in children. This diagnosis is very aggressive especially in kids.

Why People may think she is not a risk taker:

Some say that Lauren Hill is not a risk taker because technically playing basketball couldn't have killed her. I believe these people are wrong because the risk of playing basketball was taking up her time and could have increased the chances of a sooner death.