Salmon River Levy

August 30, 2022 8:00am to 8:00pm

How does the Levy benefit me as a taxpayer?

Having a quality school in our area brings families to the area and promotes business and industry. These businesses yield the jobs needed to sustain our community. Property owners and renters are both stakeholders in our schools and have voting privileges. Keeping a thriving community keeps our property's value. Also keeps our stores, restaurants, gas stations, financial institutions, and other businesses open.

The Board of Trustees reduced the supplemental levy to $495,000. Why do we need a $495,000 Levy? The state of Idaho continues to under-fund education, leaving schools without the needed funds to meet educational requirements. This Levy replaces last year's, this is not an additional Levy and supplements our income to maintain our current operations and covers the state's shortfall for basic operation, special education, advanced placement courses, extra-curricular activities such as BPA, athletics, IDLA courses and much more. This Levy will show on your December 2022-2023 tax assessment bills.

Contact Us!

For more information, please contact Superintendent Trisha Simonson or Business Manager Michelle Hollon

by email or at 208-630-6027.

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Supplemental Levy Vote

Tuesday, Aug. 30th, 8am-8pm

In Pollock at Canyon Pines RV Resort and in Riggins at the Heritage Center

Voter Registration Information

Visit to find voter registration and frequently asked questions.