Mammoths Found In Waco

==============Mammoth Fossils Found===========

Paleontologists and Archaeologists, have found Colombian Mammoths In Texas

Mammoth bones have been found in Texas. How did they die? What happened to the ecosystem? Colombian Mammoths have been found in Texas, Mammoths that were 20,000 pounds and 14 feet tall at full growth. What could take down those great beast? Most carnivorous animals in the Ice Age were not close to the size of the Colombian Mammoth.

The Colombian Mammoth was not like the Woolly Mammoth, Because the climate wasn't the same the Colombian Mammoth didn't have as much hair as the Woolly. When The Colombian Mammoth died out many animals died too because the theory was that they died because of flooding and mudslides. Also the ecosystem got messed up because many of the herbivores died, leaving the carnivores with nothing to eat.

Religious Responses

Christian Religions were in shock because of the newly found mammoths which were not mentioned in the Christian origin story. Christian churches in the area have a very mixed response and now are questioning why mammoths aren't in their origin story. Many different theories have been thought of for why mammoths were not in their origin story.

Even Islamic religions where shocked with these findings, also Jewish religions

*The News*

Paleontologists have found mammoth bones, revealing a juvenile herd, and other animals around the area, The site was Mammoth Valley in Waco, TX . This site was founded by 2 17 year old's that found a mammoth femur bone in the creek, since then this site has improved a lot.

When hearing this many people would deny mammoths being in Texas, because of the intense heat. But the mammoths that were here are Colombian Mammoths which are larger and less woolly than the Woolly Mammoths. In the Ice Age the ice stopped going south at about North Kansas so from there down it was mostly plains. Even in then the temperatures where around 70 for the highs.

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