August 20, 2017

A Great Start!

We had a terrific start this week! Our students are getting back in the school routine quickly and we've loved meeting so many great kids. In many of our classrooms, students are already engaged in team building and problem solving activities. We know they are forming learning communities in each of their grade levels and making some fun memories.

We appreciate your patience with our arrival and dismissal. It takes a few days to get everyone in the routine, and we are making little changes to make it smoother and quicker! We finished dismissal 40 minutes earlier on day 2! We were even quicker on day 3! :) Remember, students who are car riders must be picked up in the parent pick-up line and you should be in line by 3:40. All staff is off duty at 3:55. Thank you!

Remember that if your student is a walker, we'll need to know your "rainy day plan". You can communicate this with their teacher. Also, some parents choose to pick up their walkers. This is not recommended as it causes confusion for the students when you might not be there. 1st-5th graders are not walked back to the school if you are not there.


We've changed our lunch delivery procedures. If your child forgets their lunch and you need to bring it to them, you'll now have to "raptor" in at the front office and take the lunch to a table just outside of the cafeteria for your student to pick up. We won't be calling into classrooms and having kids come to the office to get their lunch. We have found that we were making numerous calls, sometimes to the same classrooms, and wasting quite a bit of instructional time. This new procedure should help. Thank you for your cooperation.

Coffee with Mrs. Lowery

Monday, Aug. 21st, 9am

4535 East Ventana Parkway

Katy, TX

You are invited to come ask questions to Mrs. Lowery and hear about the proposed 2017 Bond. This is an informal time to ask general questions. Specific student or teacher concerns should be addressed privately.


We are excited about the solar eclipse happening on Monday. We will not be having outdoor recess on this day. Instead, our teachers will be using technology inside the building to share the eclipse with our students. This will make sure we do not have exposure that could potentially harm our staff and students.

There are many web-based opportunities to view this solar event, and one such resource can be found at HTTP:// NASA will be able to provide a more robust experience for all as a multitude of views will be generated from eleven (11) space crafts, three (3) aircraft, fifty (50) high altitude balloons, and interactive views from astronauts on board the international space station.

Upcoming Events!

8/21 Principal's Coffee @ 9, Q&A with Mrs. Lowery and Bond Presentation

8/23 Core Essential--Respect--Wear Grey

8/31 Fourth Grade Parent Night @ 5:30


9/6 Core Essential--Friendship--Wear Purple

9/7 Kinder Family PE/CATCH Nigtht 5:30, PTA Meeting at 5:00

9/11 Fifth Grade Parent Night @5:30

9/12 Second Grade Parent Night @5:30


9/14 RDR Parent Meeting @ 5:30

9/19 Third Grade Parent Night @ 5:30

9/21 WATCHDOG Dad Kick Off Night

9/25 CAT-Campus Advisory Team Meeting @ 4:00

9/26 First Grade Parent Night @ 5:30

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*Drop-off each morning begins at 7:55. Students are counted tardy after 8:20. We ask that if your student is tardy, you walk them into the building to get a tardy note.

*Parent Drop-Off line begins behind the building on the southeast corner, by the gym. The drive goes around the back of the school all the way to the front. This is a one-way road. (See traffic map) PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE PARENT DRIVE.

*Walkers should follow the signage, and stay on the sidewalk. They will enter the building by the bike racks.


*Dismissal begins at 3:30, with students exiting at 3:40.

*Parent Pick-Up will form 1 line on the Parent Drive in the right hand lane. Please enter from the rear of the building. Please do not get in line until after 2:45. You should be in line by 3:40 to avoid having to come in and sign your child out.

*Bus Riders: The first few days the busses will arrive later than normal. All kinder students must have a parent at the bus stop to exit the bus.

*Walkers and bikers: Will exit the building on the southeast corner by the gym. If you are picking up a walker or biker, please meet them at the park on E. Ventana Pkwy. Walkers will not be released to parents on school property.

"The strength of the Bison is the Herd, and the strength of the Herd is the Bison! "