Room 002 Update


Hour of code

One week a year, people all over the globe, celebrate the Hour of Code together. During this week, we introduce students to coding- how programers create games, programs and scientific engineering. We were lucky to be able to participate! The kids absolutely LOVED it! Many were really intense in trying to figure out what to do. They did an amazing job collaborating with others, helping them achieve the same success! I know a few came back in the next day telling me they got online that night and continued at home. There is a link to the website on our Weebly or you can access it here.


We've begun our discussion on communities. What do we need to be a successful community? What do the people need? What's important? After our discussion we decided we needed to make our own examples of great communities. We had to collaborate with our group to decide what we needed, create a plan as well as a rough draft for what our community will look like. Next week we will be creating final copies and presenting our map of what we think our community should look like.

Read Aloud

Our new read aloud is Waiting for the Magic by Patricia MacLachlan. Everyone had to choose how they would best be able to show their thinking. Some students are using their reading notebooks, mini notebooks, created books, lined paper or have checked out the book to follow along with us. As we are reading, they are jotting down ideas, thoughts and images that they make as we read. Our conversations, questions and wonders about their thinking have been fabulous! Please continue to talk with your child about their reading.


This week we worked off our a Math Padlet that was created from all of the problems that each student wrote. We took time to study some of the problems and then solve! We are going to look at the ways people solved problems differently.

Upcoming Dates

All week- Book Fair!

Dec. 15- IRE Night at Chipotle on Perimeter

Dec. 18th- Holiday Party

Our staff program will begin at 2. At that time, volunteers can go to the room to start setting up. We will be done with the holiday program at about 2:30-2:40.

Holiday parties will begin about 2:45 and go to the end of the day.

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