What's In Your Water?

The Controversial Case of Flint

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What is taking place?

A sad crisis is taking place in Flint, Michigan. It has been reported that, for the past two years, Flint has been poisoning everyone's water with lead. Yes...LEAD. It turns out that this came from a set of bad decisions made by the city's emergency manager. The manager decided to strip Flint of its access to Detroit's water system in order to save money. Where did Flint get its water instead?

The River

The river...It sounds good on paper but the Flint River has been exposed to much pollution over the years. The water runs through the city's obsolete pipes. This released a large amount of lead and copper to the same water that people are drinking and bathing in. This was the beginning of something, very, very ugly.


Ignored Residence

The impact that this had on the civilians of Flint was devastating. The water was "not even safe enough to bathe an infant" in. Most of the residents had a first-hand experience with the quality of the water plummeting and complained. The complaints were coming in day after day after day. They all went ignored by the emergency managers and the city officials.


After word got out that the water was lousy, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) tested it. The results minimized the amount of lead in the samples. Further tests revealed that the levels were way past the EPA's levels of safe consuming. Each time that did show up, it was manually treated to attempt to make it safe to consume. This, obviously, did not work for too long. When this reached national attention, it became a real problem.

The Future

This issue and the attention it is getting is not nearly at its peak. As the day goes by, it gains a lot more because there are still a lot of people who are still living there...drinking and bathing their kids in this water. Predicted problems are clearly death. But outside sources are getting to the bottom of this problem that plagues Flint. Lead shall be no more.


Lead In The Water In Flint, Michigan

Terraca Rogers, 31

Ms. Rogers has three children that she has to feed. One of them developed rashes from consuming the water. She said herself that she only trusts bottled water to feed to her kids. As the conditions get worse, she uses a filter for everything. She uses bottled to drink, cook, and wash. She will not know what to do when it gets worse but she has hope that things will get better for both her and her children.

Paul Herring, unknown

Mr. Herring, an independent TV producer, has noticed the drastic change in quality. He got worried when a restaurant that he frequently goes to, did not serve water anymore.

"That kind of concerned me, because I know you're cooking with it." Mr. Herring said. After some time had passed and the restaurant was put under a cleaning system, it started serving again. He also added that he, himself, replaced his pipes with lead-free ones. He filters his water, regularly.