Fenwick Microfinance Initiative

Who we are:

The Fenwick Microfinance Initiative is a new, almost completely student-run organization with the goal to raise money to lend to entrepreneurs in third-world countries. Our mission is to provide small loans, or "microloans" to business owners in developing nations who otherwise would not be able to receive the funds needed to open, expand, or save their business.

How we work:

The Fenwick Microfinance Initiative uses the website kiva.org as a medium for microloans. Kiva is a non-for-profit organization with a mission to "connect people through lending to alleviate poverty."

Kiva allows groups or individuals to make loans to developing entrepreneurs. They have raised over $480,000,000 for business owners with a 99% payback rate.

For example, Solomon in Kenya is looking for a loan of $700 that would help him build a dairy unit on his farm.

Contact Information:

Student Representative - Aiden Johnson - 15ajohnson@my.fenwickfriars.com

Teacher Moderator - Dr. Gerald Lordan - glordan@fenwickfriars.com