Mini Holistic Fair

High Plains Psychics of Cheyenne, WY.

Psychic fair Cheyenne

Visit our office receive a Psychic Reading, Chair Massage, Energy Healing, a Astrology Report, Tarot Card Readings... all Sessions are ten minutes - for donations of 10 cans per session to benefit Local Food Banks. I you don't feel like carrying cans we a will accept Donations of a dollar per minute or $10

You will be given the opportunity to "Be a Psychic Reader" testing your psychic skills with others, if you wish a picture you can be taken of you reading, beside a Neon Psychic Sign to share with your friends or on Facebook.

Holistic Fair

Saturday, Nov. 22nd, 10am-3pm

1603 Capitol Ave

Cheyenne, WY

Food Drive

All proceeds help support local Food Banks in Cheyenne WY.

Give 10 Cans of food for 10 Minute sessions.

Or Donate $10 for 10 Minutes Sessions.


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