By: Franco, Eddie, Deontez

The effect of the Gulf Coast Oil Spill on coral reefs

During the Gulf Coast Oil Spill it destroyed many coral reef environments made many fish move to another environment to search for other food.

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The disappearence of coral reefs this century in the oceans

The scientific methods on coral reefs this century conclude that many will be wiped out because of human pollution and ignorance on poor responsibility on our ocean environments.

Negative Effects on Coral Environments!

CORAL REEFS IN NORTH AMERICA & IN OTHER NEAR AREAS dying because of human pollution and oil leeks

the wildlife most affected by this issuses

the wild life most affected by dying coral reef is fishes because they depend on them for food shelter and protection.with out any of those things they are forced to move to other places and on the way they might get eaten.

how are we affected by this

yes, because we get less protection from the constalsion

we cause this!!!!!!!!

we are the person who killin g coral reef. why because all the carbon dioxide goes to the ocean wich kills the coral reef

solutions and our solutions

people like austarila coral organization says to turn off the lights when you don't it and walk to shcool or work once a day. Our solution is that every one get informed and when you go to the ocean look at the coral reef and inform other people.