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Remote Learning and Shutdown Update Edition

FHS Info and News for the week of 5/25/20


We are on the home stretch for the end of the school year, and this week there is a lot happening at Fife. Seniors, be sure to know your assigned time slot for our Graduation Video Prep Days (see more info below). Also, if you haven't seen the district art show website (pictured) you can get the link to it in this edition of Fife High News.

I am also thrilled to be able to share images of our new STEAM center design! This has been over a year of planning to finalize a design, I am so excited that this will soon take shape on our campus.

Lastly, students, find time tomorrow to take a second, in your own way, to remember why we have Memorial Day. Saying thanks to those women and men who gave their lives while serving in the United States Military.

Get 'em-

Mr. Bakke

In This Edition-- Table of Contents

In this newsletter scroll down to:

1. Check out the Fife STEAM Center desing!

2. Video Tribute to the 2020 Fife Baseball Team

3. Senior Reminders!

4. District Art Show

5. Rafferty Escame featured in National Publication

6. Reminders!

7. Need Support?

8. In case you missed it...

Fife High School STEAM Center for Innovation

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Welcome to the Fife STEAM Center of Innovation!

The STEAM Center will soon begin construction at the high school, it will be built where are portables currently sit. Construction noise and temporary loss of some parking will soon be our new normal for the next year, but it will be well worth it; mid way through the 2021-22 school year we will open this new facility. The STEAM center will be the home of:

  • A student cafe and store
  • Video and Film Productions
  • Art Studio
  • Graphic Arts
  • Science Labs
  • Robotics

Check out more images HERE!

Virtual District Art Show Website

Check out Santos Beltran (his art pictured) and all our amazing Art Students in the district Art Show! Check it out here!

Tribute to the 2020 Fife Baseball Team

The 2020 Fife baseball team was one of the favorite's to win state... and then the season was canceled. Take a second watch this fun tribute (produced by Mr. Shallow)! LINK HERE

Rafferty Escame Featured in National Publication!

We shared a few weeks ago about Rafferty's efforts to make masks for the community, well his efforts made the national scout publication! Check it out!

Senior Important Info This Week

Seniors, Graduation Video Prep Days!

Seniors, be sure to know when your time slot is for Graduation Video Prep days beginning Tuesday. See the letter emailed to you last week!

Senior Celebration Website!

Seniors, be sure to bookmark 2020 Fife Celebration Central. This website will serve as home base for our video celebrations. It also is the home for our calendar of events for seniors, and quick access to our senior FAQ. Be sure to the check out the debut of the Countdown to Graduation Video just released!

Important Reminders and Info for Seniors!!!

  • Video Prep days this week!
  • Your Zello deadline is May 29... get this grad requirement done!
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Reminder: Mondays are Assignment Day

  • Monday’s before 12PM all teachers at Fife will send out the work to their students (email or google classroom) (this is extended to Tuesday on Memorial Day Weekend)

  • Students will submit the work sometime before the next Monday at 12PM.

Updated Event Calendar for May and June

If you didn't see our announcement regarding graduation please click here:

Please click on the link to see the updated event calendar for May and June. This includes:

  • Graduation Dates and celebration events
  • Video Celebrations
  • Material Turn in
  • Yearbook Distribution Dates
  • Last days of instruction
  • Senior Checkout

Calendar Link

Need Support?

Do you Understand Fife's Covid Grading Policy?

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Need Tech Support?

If you need help with a student Chromebook or with one of the online services being used for learning, you have several options to request help:

  • Visit the Fife Technology Dept website and fill out an online form to request help (this is preferred). - or -
  • Call the district at 253-517-1000 and leave a message with contact information and a description of the problem. - or -
  • a member of the technology team will contact you.
  • FHS staff will be calling or emailing those families who we have heard need tech support to follow up with you as well and can assist you with submitting the request form

Do you need to call to speak to a staff member?

We have set up a phone line, which is being answered 8-3 from a staff member working from home. You can call 253-517-1100.

Seniors! Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) website for you!!!

Here is a link to a support Website we built just for you. It has a Frequently asked question section that might be helpful.

In Case You Missed IT!

Get your Library Card!

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Big picture

Special Olympics ESPN Recap Video

This video was recently published recapping the Unified Top 5 Champion Schools for 2019-20. Check it out!

Want to buy a yearbook?

1. Click this link:

2. Login

3. Select student's name

4. Under "Shop" select "Items at your students school"

5. The Yearbook button is the Last item to the right

In case you missed it... a letter to our students from Mr. Bakke


Dear Fife Students,

You are facing truly unprecedented events, and this will be something you will never forget for the rest of your life. I am so sorry you are going through it. I’m sorry that for so many of you, the rewards from the hard work you have put into your sports, concerts, and productions is being taken from you. I’m sorry that your education is getting temporarily compromised. I’m sorry for all the special events that were scheduled that have been canceled. These are memories you won’t get back. I am sorry if you are feeling fear. I know these events are going to impact us all in a lot of scary ways.

But to our beloved FHS students, do not lose hope! My grandparents generation was called, “the greatest generation.” A lot of people think this is simply because of the extreme sacrifice they made during World War II fighting for the freedom of the world, but that is only part of the story. This was the same generation that grew up in the depression, during the worst economic times in our history. They suffered tremendous loss and faced incredible adversity, when terms like “rationing” were everyday vocabulary. They never lost hope, and in spite of those hard times they went through, they went on to save the world.

Fife students, this is your time to show that you have the makings of also being a “great generation.” You are going through historic adversity, which means it's your opportunity to shine bright. Shine by showing others how you care, by your resilience, by being extra helpful with your family, and by showing empathy and encouragement with your peers, and community. Even yesterday you put together a rush food drive and collected hundreds of items in just one day. We continue to be so proud of you!


I want you to again be reminded why we say “Get ‘Em Trojans.” In Fife it means that we will not back down, that there isn’t a challenge, adversity, competition, or tough test that will sway us...there is no such thing as insurmountable odds; in Fife we do not lose hope, and we do not quit. We Get ‘em Trojans!

I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks, when we finish the school year the way we are supposed to... together. Make good decisions today and in the few weeks ahead. And Get ‘Em Trojans.


Mr. Bakke

Fife High School

Our Mission: To be a school that prepares all students for life beyond high school by developing their mind, body, and character