Every moment and everyone.

John Andrew Michalak

Finally done in by the 3rd party in a row to celebrate his 7th birthday, John Andrew is ready to rest. Personally, I can't believe that seven years has already flown by, and it feels completely surreal! He is my all time favorite person in the whole world, and I am proud of him for the wonderful, caring, loving, SUPER SMART, young man he's become (PROPS TO HIS DAD FOR THAT!).

Alexandra Anne Briggs

There are no words to describe the complete joy that overwhelms me by just spending time with my granddaughter, Alexandra Anne Briggs. Soon Kenny and I, along with Julius and Melodee, will be welcoming Lillian Ann Leone into our family. I can't wait! (Mrs. Purcell)

Special Announcement!!!

Shannon Near is expecting!

Flip That Door

Keep an eye out for your invitation to the Door Flipping event. Just like 'Secret Santa' you (anonymously) will get the opportunity to decorate the classroom door (tastefully) of a colleague. The invitations will be out on Monday, May 16. Please return them to Holly by Wednesday. You will be assigned your door on Friday, May 20th.

Next M & M Morning Breakfast Gathering

Monday, June 6th, 8:15am

Elementary Library

Bring a small dish or snack, if you want.