Chrissy's 40th Flash Mob

Birthday Surprise

Look who's turning 40!

I'm looking to have a surprise birthday party for Chirssy and would like for you to participate in the celebration. She had always wanted to join in a "Flash Mob", so I'm thinking we can bring the Mob to her!

If you have never heard of a Flash Mob, it is simple. An unsuspecting person (Chrissy) arrives at a predetermined location. Once there, music will begin to play and one by one her friends and family will "appear" to join in on a contrived dace.

Chrissy's Birthday Surprise Flash Mob

Saturday, July 20th, 11:30am

26 Cayman Ave

Toms River, NJ

We will actually meet in the beach parking lot, only a half mile away.
11:30- Meet up in the Shelter Cove parking lot in Toms River

11:45- Make your way to the beach and pretend to enjoy the view. (trying to keep out of sight of Chrissy)

12:00- Music begins and each designated group will be join in the dace.

12:05- Public Humiliation ends and head to our shore house and enjoy the party.

I Can't Dance!

Don't worry, you don't have to be MC Hammer. I have hired an experienced NJ trainedd dancer and choreographer. She comes highly recommended and will create a step by step video of how to do the dance moves. One of Chrissy's favorite songs to dance to is Bel Biv Devo, Poison. The choreographer will create a video and I will share it with all participants. Sorry no excuses such as : I have no rhythm, I'm shy, I have cement feet, ect will be allowed.

Then What?

If you are interested, please RSVP by email or cell to let me know that you will be joining the fun. Once I get the video of the dance moves, I will share it with those who are planning on attending so you can practice. I will also begin to further coordinate the particulars of the event. I will also provide hotel accommodation info for those interested.


cell- 201-394-2353


This is a family friendly event and everyone is invited to participate in the Flash Mob. It is possible some photos and video will make its way on onto Facebook.

An Example of a Birthday Flash Mob

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