The Bad of Tanning Salons

By: Yesenia Alvarez

The truth about tanning salons

Almost everyone would love to have glowy tan skin, mainly teens want it. So they go to tanning salons because it's the easiest way to achieve that perfect tan, But there is more than just having really tan skin, like your health ,for example skin cancer and tanorexia.
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The number 1 cause of skin cancer

Tanning salons are actually pretty dangerous, because dong it too much can cause skin carncer. For example a lot of teens don't really know or just don't think it will happen to them, but the truth is everyone can get it doesn't matter who you are. Skin cancer. That's why now "The World Organization has declair indoor tanning to be cancer causing agents.
Indoor tanning raises risk for skin cancer

Tanorexia another bad thing!

Besides the risk of getting skin cancer bacause of indoor taning, there is another big concern people should pay more attention to. And that is tanorexia. Tanorexia is when people get addicted to tannng, Which leads to cancer and other skin damages.
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So what to do???

Well there's a lot of things we can do to prevent this to happen to us. For example instead of using tanning beds you can go to the beach and put some sunblock and get a natural tan, this can keep you from getting cancer too fast and it's somewhat healthier. Some things to also keep in mind is not to get obsseded by it, you can tan yes but you don't want to end up looking like a mess.