Fresh Water-Brackish Water-Salt Water

Fresh Water

  • very low salt concentration, less than 1%
  • ponds, rivers, wetlands, lakes, streams
  • these areas support many aquatic species
  • only 3% of water on Earth is fresh water
  • less than 1%is available for human use
  • fresh water has a density of 1,000 kg/m3
  • animals that live in this environment are
incapable of adapting to saltwater

Brackish Water

  • Mixture of fresh water and salt water
  • May be dangerous to the environment
  • More salinity than fresh water
  • "brak" meaning "salty"
  • Salinity of 0.05%-3%
  • Hostile to the growth of terrestrial plant species
  • lakes, mangroves, and estuaries

Salt Water

  • saltwater is home to over a million different species
  • seas and oceans
  • humans cannot consume salt water
  • salinity of about 3.5%
  • underground saltwater is commonly encountered in petroleum
  • saltwater biomes are 3/4 of the worlds surface
  • saltwater is much more dense than fresh water

Natalie Ramirez, Yenna Chang, Victoria Ambriz