Secondary School Newsletter 2016

News from the BMS Secondary School: Happy New Year!


First and foremost, welcome to 2016 and on behalf of the entire Secondary team, I would like to wish you all the best for the New Year.

BMS has made a good start into the new year, with IGCSE examinations underway and report cards soon to follow. As an institution that strives to live out the life-long learner attributes, we seek to find ways to continue our improvement both inside and outside the classroom. In an effort to improve our communication and transparency, we will now send out a monthly Secondary School Newsletter, to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments, important upcoming events, and ongoing projects. We look forward to informing our community with news regarding our Teaching and Learning and will use this communication tool in directing your questions, concerns and inquiries to the responsible member of our team.

We hope you enjoy our updates on the different areas in our school: Middle School (Grades 6-10), Senior School (Grades 11-12), and our house system as the backbone for student engagement and pastoral care. In addition, you can see upcoming highlights for February 2016 below.

I look forward to your feedback and a trustful collaboration over the course of the second semester.


Silke Friedrich

Executive Director

News from the Middle School

The IGCSE Mock Examinations are important checkpoints for our students, in order to gauge where necessary support and help is needed before their final exams in spring for both MSA and IGCSE. These results are our foremost indicators for achievement and should we have concerns, we will contact you with an appointment to discuss a support plan for your student.

Semester reports cards for students from Grades 6-11 will be distributed on January 29th. Our aim is to provide you as a parent as well as our students with detailed feedback to ensure opportunities for improvement within the next 6 months of the academic year. In the next 3 weeks, we will create 370 report cards, each 10-12 pages long! We do hope that you can see the effort in the level of detailed feedback. You can follow up with the report card during upcoming parent-teacher conferences on February 24th and 25th. Save the date!

A thank-you to our community for your feedback regarding the camps. We have incorporated your feedback and have now designed a camp structure linked to our curriculum program, in order to establish a tradition for future camp weeks! See the 2015/16 program overview here

Mr. Philip McCormick

Please feel free to ask questions or place your inquiries.

News from Senior School

The IB DP Mock Examinations for Grade 12 are upcoming, February 8th-February 19th 2016, and provide our DP Students will a last prognosis for the upcoming Final Examinations in May 2016. We look forward to supporting our students in the final 5 months of their studies and are happy to meet with you following the Mock Examinations, should you have questions or concerns about the final Diploma

Programme Assessment.

Grade 12 Parent Meeting

We look forward to welcoming the parents of our DP students on January 26th to outline how you can support your child through the final stages of the Diploma Programme. We also look forward to updating you about the final examinations and how we together can support our students to achieve their full potential.

Model United Nations

Students from Grade 11 were able to participate in a second round of Model United Nations simulations from January 12th-15th. Schools throughout Europe send a delegation of students to participate in a mock United Nations meeting, with each student representing a member country in debates about timely and pertinent global topics. We look forward to sharing our students´ experiences in our next newsletter!

News From the University Counselor´s Desk

BMS is set to welcome representatives from Universities throughout Europe over the course of the next 3 months. During these meetings, students have the unique opportunity to hear about life as a university student, challenges and opportunities in choosing a study focus, as well as the specific requirements and tips for submitting an application. Upcoming dates:

January 18th: King´s College London

January 28th: London School Of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK

February 26th: University Fair for Students, Media Studies in Berlin

March 9th: Hotel School, The Hague, Netherlands

Mr. Alex Wreth

Please feel free to ask questions or place inquiries.

News from our House System and Pastoral Care

The House System and our approach to Pastoral Care is the cornerstone of our culture of student engagement. For a review of the House System key features as well as an overview of competitions and core aims of our House culture please follow this link for an overview:

Student-Led Assemblies throughout the course of semester 1 have proven to shown a unique side of student engagement at BMS. Each tutor group has led an assembly this year focusing one key theme, using the time to inform and provided channels for engagement to our student community. Themes have ranged from the Refugee Crisis in Europe to Food Waste both in the world and at BMS. See a short video clip (6 mins) here prepared by Air House Tutor Group 2 below! Just type in password: foodwaste

Our first House Competition is coming up! January 27th marks our Chess Competitions among all Houses. Stay tuned for the results!

Mr. Sebastian Saunders

Please feel free to ask questions or place inquiries here.

Upcoming Events

January 25th at 6:30pm: Parent Evening for Grade 12 parents in preparation of IB DP Exams

January 26th at 7:00pm: Information Evening for Secondary School Parent Representatives

February 1 - 5: Winter Break! No classes in session.

February 8-19, 2016: IB DP Mock Examinations

February 24 - 25, 2016: Parent-Teacher Conferences

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