Third Grade News

The Sixth Six Week's

What We Are Learning


The focus of the sixth six weeks is to continue working on previously taught reading strategies and taking them to an application level. We will be doing summaries, inferencing, and drawing conclusions in fiction and informational texts. We will be reading stories to apply and reading passages with comprehension questions.


In writing, we will continue working on using the writing process to compose expository essays (explain why). We will work on research skills and integrate research into our writing.


In Math, we will continue to review previous taught concepts, but we will also discuss the following skills:

  • Measurement
  • Converting Measurement
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Probability


During this six week's your student will be learning about how the structures and functions of plants and animals help them survive in certain environments.

Students will study the structures and traits of organisms to better understand how they thrive in their environments. Students will explore that some characteristics traits of organisms are inherited (such as the number of limbs on an animal or flower color) and recognize that some behaviors are learned in response to living in a certain environment (such as animals using tools to get food).

Family Support

You can help your child in several ways.

  • Talk about your own house pets and how they adapt to your home!

  • You can imagine, with your child, how they might have to adapt to a world without owners!

  • Go online and research unique creatures and have your child record their observations of their traits.

  • Discuss your own (and your child’s own) inherited and learned traits.

Social Studies

During the sixth six weeks, students will understand that customs, celebrations, and traditions are part of culture. Various cultural, regional and local groups have similar and different customs, celebrations and traditions. The contributions of people of various ethnic and cultural groups are part of our cultural heritage. Students will compare different ethnic and cultural celebrations and explain the significance of these celebrations within the community.

Important Dates

5/9-5/10- STARR Testing

5/30- No School: Memorial Day

6/2- Last Day of School/Early Release