HEI Awareness Flyer

By: Harshini Cormaty

Industrial Waste Comes Back As Acid Rain

The burning of fossil fuels by big industries in the form of smoke, can dissipates into the air around it. This industrial waste from the manufacturing plants later combines with the water vapor in the air and comes back in the form of acid rain, or rainfall with a pH of less than 7.


As this acid rain seeps into the ground, it acidifies the soil. If a low enough pH level of the soil is reached, the soil will be pnuinfertile, meaning that the soil will no longer be able to be farmed on. The first picture below shows the difference between an acid rain affected leaf (left) and a non-affected leaf (right). The second picture below reveals a whole forest that has been affected by acid rain. The last picture shows how a stone statue can be degraded when covered in acid rain.

Poor agricultural practices lead to groundwater pollution

Many large plantations use harsh chemicals and fertilizers to maximize their crop production. Although they do have a bigger crop production, they don't always realize the dangers of using such chemicals.


These chemicals can sink into the ground water and then leave as runoff into nearby streams, which later lead to lakes or ponds. These chemicals could be deposited in the banks of the stream and pollute the ground there. Also, as the water from the pond or lake evaporates, it leaves behind the chemicals. If by any chance the pond or lake were to dry up, it would then have chemicals embedded in the soil, which leads to the lands inability to be farmed. The first picture below shows how badly the water can be contaminated. The second shows a representation of how the runoff reaches the groundwater from farms and other sources as well.

The Connection

Both the contamination of the water due to poor agricultural practices and the acid rain caused by industrial waste result in the degradation of land. This means that the fertility of soil is decreased.

The Future Impact

The degradation of land could lead to a loss of arable land. This could deeply impact the food production, vegetation, and the ecosystem of the area that is impacted by these. If something isn't done to at least decline the out put of industrial waste or the usage of chemicals in agriculture, then the human population could face a major danger.


  1. What are some of the sources of pollution that pollute ground water?
  2. In what ways could the environment and mankind be impacted by groundwater pollution and acid rainfall?