Edmond Doyle News


This has been a very busy week at Edmond Doyle! 1st graders had a blast at Cornerstone Ranch in Ada. Several of them said, "Best field trip ever!!" We had several parents and grandparents join us. Anytime your child goes on a field trip, if at all possible try to come. They love for their families to be with them on special events. It's also a great time to get to know their friends. Your child's friends are some of the most important choices they make-be sure to help them choose good ones! Make your child's friend-your friend. This is an important piece of advice that will help your child be successful!

Thanks to everyone that joined us for our Pancakes for Parents breakfast hand cooked by our own Superintendent, Randy Hughes. Mr. Hughes-your pancakes are delicious. We really appreciate you coming to treat us! We had over 70 parents come and eat with us!

Our school also went to watch Peter Simon. He is a concert pianist and he does a great job of introducing children to classical music. He was very entertaining. The children were all very impressed with his talent. They were also impressed with Mrs. Price, the principal from Emerson! She played a duet with him. She had played with him years ago when she was a little girl! Way to go, Mrs. Price!

We will have flu shots here tomorrow. The information was sent home for you to decide if you wanted your child to get one or not. Please send the necessary papers to school if you want your child to have a flu shot.

October 23rd-27th will be Red Ribbon Week. This is the week when we really stress the importance of being drug free. The dress up days will be:

Monday-Wear Red- "Red"y to live a drug free life!

Tuesday-Crazy Hair-Be wild about having a drug free life!

Wednesday-Wear Pajamas-Follow your dreams! Don't do drugs!

Thursday-Wear Camo-Be all that you can be...drug free!

Friday-Dress like your favorite character-Say "Boo" to drugs!


1st grade- 94.26%--getting better first grade-so proud of you!

2nd grade-96.53%

3rd grade- 96.20%

4th grade- 95.98%

Our attendance is on the rise! 2nd grade is the winner this week! They will have an extra recess this week. 3rd grade is trying to be number one-they are almost there! 4th grade has been consistently doing well. School attendance is a number one indicator of how well a child will do in school. Thanks for being on time and for being at school ready to learn. Our tardies have been on the rise. Try setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier if getting here on time is a problem. Being punctual is a very important life skill-teach it to your children!