Digital Kids Using Digital Tools

for Writing and Publishing

Kerpoof (

Kerpoof is a kid-friendly multimedia site which allows students to create stories and movies online. Lots to explore. Links for Teachers' Guide and Lesson Plans

Blabberize (

Start with a picture and blab about yourself. You can use this in history to "blabberize" historical figures, in Language Arts to "blabberize" characters in a story. Can be embedded into blogs or websites.

Glogster (

With Glogster, students can create interactive digital posters. Can be used for portfolios, research or student-led presentations. Make sure you include "edu" for free usage.


Google Search Stories (

Incorporates Google Searching and Storytelling. Requires YouTube access in your school for this tool.

StoryBird (

StoryBird: Students can use this to create art inspired stories and poetry. They select from a gallery of artwork and partner it with their story. Can be printed out or embedded.

Click Here "A Good Day" - Grade 4

Click Here "Bunny's Dream." - Grade 2

Voki (

Voki is a fun language tool. Students will enjoy creating an avatar. They can use text-to-speech or record their voices.

Click here


Kidblog is an excellent tool for elementary and middle school students. Its design and privacy options make this a great and powerful tool for kids to participate in discussions and publish their work. It has been recently upgraded with new features.

Click Here -- Grade 5 Author's Visit
Click Here -- Grade 2

WallWisher (

Wall Wisher is a handy tool that allows you to build a wall (electronic bulletin board ) to brainstorm, take notes, send wishes, give feedback with the use of sticky notes. It can be accessed anywhere, even embedded in blog or website.


Animoto provides an easy to create and share videos. Studetns can upload photos,
video clips, and music or use the ones that are archived.

Clich here Mothers' Day (Mother to Daughter) Click Here ( Daughter to Mother)


TodaysMeet is a back channel for discussion, feedback, questions during a presentation. I have used it for brainstorming and for pre-write

Click here Brain storming about Fall


Podcasts began as audio files but now include other media files. Episodes are free to download or subscribe through RSS feed. Audacity is free for both Mac and PC. GarageBand is available on Mac platforms.

Tony Vincent: Learning in Hand

Click here for some episodes from Overbrook Elementary.