France Imperialized Ivory Coast

Kaitlyn Ragan and Makenna Wilson

Background of France

From the 1600's to ate 19th century, the French overseas empire was formed by agencies and stimulation of the state, church, and armed forces than by the initiation of the business community. Merchants, financiers, and manufacturers did engage and profit from French imperial ventures, but they had to prodded into participation by monochorial pr republican officials. All of this utterly differs the French empire from the British empire. France started its policy of imperialism so it could make a comeback politically and regain superiority.

Reasons for France to Imperialize

France imperialized to search for markets, raw materials, investments, and cheap labor. They had a drive for glory, strategic advantage, and man power.
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Background of Ivory Coast

It was overtaken by the French colony in 1893. In 1960, the Ivory coast gained independence but maintained relations with many countries.

How did the French Imperialize the Ivory Coast?

French military extended French domains off and without the consent of the home government. French administrators used military force to subdue African population.