CSA Lincoln Newsletter

November 20, 2015


I can't always make it to our guest speaker presentations, but I made a special effort this week to hear Rick Weinheimer speak to 4th grade as part of their Indiana Legends project. Rick has been a teacher at North for many years. He is the high school cross country coach, a program that has been successful at the state level for many years. Our paths crossed at Northside where he is also the Language Arts department chair. More recently, he published his first book "Move Your Chair". Rick is not only a wonderful person, but the message he brings is one of inspiration for all ages. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak at an event you should go. You won't regret it.

His message to 4th grade centered on advice he received from a member of the Harlem Globetrotters when he was in 4th grade. I can't remember the name of the athlete, but he said "Know what you want to do and work at it every day". Like many boys (including me) he talked about wanting to play in the NBA. He ran a mile dribbling the ball with his right hand and then switched and ran a mile dribbling the ball with his left hand every day. Also, like many boys (including me), the realization that he wasn't going to play in the NBA came sooner than later and Rick was cut from the basketball team in 7th grade. He told students that while he didn't achieve his goal, he learned what it meant to work hard and give your personal best to something every day.

Everyday (one word)= ordinary, normal, boring

Every day (two words)= different, exciting, wonderful

Just a small space, but a big difference in outlook. Great message from a great guy!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Break and has an opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends! School will resume on Monday, November 30th.


The 6th Grade Medieval Carnival is tonight from 5-7 pm. The fliers that were sent home yesterday included a couple of errors: There is NO admission cost and parents MUST stay with their children. We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope to see you and your family tonight enjoying some Medieval fun and seeing what our students have learned!

Miss Albright, Mrs. Pickup, and the Project Managers

The picture is from the Renaissance Reenactor who visited on Monday.


This past Tuesday we decided to lock our front doors due to a concern in the area. I had confirmed with our SRO that we were not in any danger. All exterior doors and entrances to our school are locked every day during school hours except the front door access to the office. Students went through their normal schedule and moved inside the building freely. I checked in again that afternoon with our SRO who said it would be fine to do a normal dismissal.

Everything went very smoothly. In these types of situations we will notify parents via email or our REMIND 101 text message system. Please click the button below "Get Connected with Remind 101" for directions on how to sign-up.


The initial deposit of $50 is due to the school no later than December 18th with the permission slip. Checks should be written to CSA Lincoln Elementary. If you will need financial assistance with the trip, you must talk with Mr. Findley prior to December 18th.


Below is a Google form we are asking any parent/guardian who is currently active duty in the Armed Forces to complete. The Department of Education is requiring us to ask for this data. This form and information is kept confidential. A paper copy is coming home today if you prefer to complete it and return it after Thanksgiving break.


Our students raised $423.39

Staff raised: $190.00

Total: $613.39


Curious what school lunch is like these days? Maybe not, but we would love for you to come eat lunch with your student(s). It is a great opportunity to connect parents with the school. Are the grandparents looking for something to do? Send them in. Feel free to bring in something to eat or buy a school lunch. If you call ahead, they can prepare a chef salad for you (a staff favorite). Please stop in the main office, sign-in and put on a visitor's badge.

Basketball Schedules

Updated schedules for:



Note from the Nurse

It's that time of year again, the flu and cold season is upon us. Please remind your children to dress appropriately for the weather and to wash their hands before eating. A few things to remember are, if a child has a fever of 100.5, they need to stay home until they are fever free for 24 hrs. They cannot have had diarrhea or vomiting for 24 hrs.


Leesa Koopman LPN


  • Our Kindergarten classes are currently looking to team up with the Salvation Army after break with a new project.

  • First grade students finished up collecting toys for the Fireman's Cheer Fund. The students will be going and helping pack orders for kids after we get back from our break.

  • Second graders will be starting a new project after break about how other countries celebrate holidays. This will lead them right into Winter break.

  • Third graders finished up their Rube Goldberg/United Way projects on Monday at the Commons. They are in the process of counting how much money they were able to raise for the organization.

  • Fourth grade kicked off a new project today with Love Chapel. Ms. Kotnik, the Food Pantry Coordinator, came in this morning to share with the students about Love Chapel and their needs. The 4th grade Project Managers are hard at work planning how they will be helping Love Chapel in the coming weeks.

  • Fifth grade classes are focusing on their Treasures Project. They are writing their own books that upon completion they will be bound for them. The students will also get to showcase them on an author's showcase event at a later date.

  • Sixth grade students are putting all their hard work to use tonight at the Medieval Carnival from 5-7:00 PM in CSA Lincoln gymnasium.

    Students who are seen being SAFE, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, or a PEACEMAKER earn Husky Grams. The following students were caught following our school-wide expectations during the first two weeks and earned a reward!

    Hannah Ousley

    Franny Sparks

    Regan Cooper

    Kinleigh Miller

    Mason Henry

    Grace Bronkella

    Hana Kleinhenz

    Big Brothers & Big Sisters

    Information on this great program. Both here and at Northside Middle School I have seen HUGE gains for students who are partnered with a "big". If you have time or know someone who would be a good fit, please consider this program.

    Get connected with Remind 101

    Click here for directions on how to receive text message updates from Mr. Findley