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~April 2017~

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2nd Annual Monroe Color Run

What: Monroe Color Run to support the Monroe Snack Cart Program
When: Saturday, May 6, 2017
Where: Spring Lake Park, North Mankato
Registration Deadline: April 17, 2017
For more information and registration, go to the following link:

Kindergarten Round-Up Volunteers Needed

We are looking for parent volunteers to help at the Kindergarten Round-Up on Thursday, April 20. You will supervise the fifth grade helpers with serving milk and cookies and intervening if the children need assistance. The time slots to sign up for are 4:30-5:30 p.m. and 6:00-7:00 p.m. The link is:

Monroe News Cast-MNC

Make sure to watch the Monroe News Cast! The students have been working hard on putting together a weekly broadcast about school happenings, teacher interviews and Monroe PRIDE.

April 3-

March 28-

March 20-

March 13-

March 6-

Monroe Science Fair Results

Monroe held its annual Science Fair on February 21st. Many students participated and it was a great hit! A thank you goes out to all the students who worked so hard. Thank you to Mrs. Mehlhaff and Mrs. Kind for their time and work on this successful event.

The following students participated in the Science Fair and are advancing to the Regional Level!

Third Grade:

Isabelle Kremer, Kate Cashin, Trevor Sheldrup, Anabelle Johnson, Olivia Downs, Wesley Becker, Charley Berhow, Brianna Becker, Olivia Esch, Erin Shores

Fourth Grade:

Kaiser Hagen, Abigail Harpestad, Adrian Tobin, Amos Anderson, Melanie Kremer, Aden Howerton, Hannah Ryan, Eden Tollefson

Fifth Grade:

Madelyn Chavez, Violette Leboutillier, Susie Malone, Mariana Gioffre, Madallyn Jensen, Lydia Sandvig, Natalie Sheldrup, Weston Johnson, Tabitha Valenzuela, Emily Kodet, Carmen Cazares, Madisyn Elmer, and Rachel Skjeveland.

PLC- 2 Hour Late Start-April 11, 2017

On the second Tuesday of every month the teachers meet for a Professional Learning Community Meeting. Buses will run 2 hours late on late start days. Monroe School will begin at 10:00 AM, rather than 8:00 AM on these days. To accommodate parents that need childcare on late start days, we will provide supervision beginning at 7:40 AM for students needing this service. However, parents MUST complete the online form to sign your child up. There will be no charge but it is very important that we have an accurate count of students arriving early to plan for adequate adult supervision. You will be asked to complete a registration form for each month. This is the link for the April 11th PLC Sign Up- Activities for students during this time may include such things as homework help, quiet reading, and story time. Breakfast will be available serving from 7:40-7:50 AM.

**If you sign your child up and they DO NOT come, we ask that you CALL THE SCHOOL by 8:00 AM that morning as we will be taking attendance.

Children not needing childcare on the late start days should arrive at school between 9:40-9:50. Students arriving to their classrooms after 10:00 AM will be marked tardy.

Late Start Dates: The Second Tuesday of Every Month

  • May 9

Upcoming Testing Dates

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Monroe Art Fair & Book Sale

The Monroe Art Fair, Book Sale, and Ice Cream Event will be on Thursday, May 4. Come and support your school!!

Pictures Needed!

Pictures area needed for the school yearbook. Photos of classroom parties, special days, field trips, or programs are great. All photos can be submitted to Jackie Murray at

~Specialist's Corner~

From the Media Center-Mrs. Hagen

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From the Music Room-Mrs. Hopf

I want to explain our spring “informances” and how they differ from the large performance experience. The informance is a “mini performance” in the music classroom. Each individual class will be showcasing concepts we have covered throughout the school year.

Parents are welcome to attend their students informance time.

Kindergarten and 2nd Grade will be presenting their informances the week of April 3-7.

Each Fourth Grade class will be presenting their informance twice because of class size. They will be presenting informances the week of April 3-7. Please check the times for all presentations below.

When you come in for the Informance, please wait quietly in the lobby by the office. You can sign the Visitor Sign-In Sheet, take a program and a Q Survey form. There will be students testing in the classrooms, please be quiet when you go through the hallway. This is the link to the informance evaluation:


Mrs. Substad - Tuesday, April 4 - 11:55-12:45

Mrs. Hammes - Wednesday, April 5 - 11:55-12:45

Mrs. Schemmel - Thursday, April 6 - 11:55 - 12:45

Mrs. Shaw - Friday, April 7 - 11:55-12:45

Second Grade:

Mrs. Wennes - Wednesday, April 5 - 8:55-9:45

Mrs. Scruggs - Thursday, April 6 - 9:45-10:35

Ms. Hoekstra - Friday, April 7 - 8:55-9:45

Mrs. Peters - Friday, April 7 - 9:45-10:35

Fourth Grade:

Mrs. Dickinson - Wednesday, April 5 - 10:35-11:25 - Families with last names M-Z

Mr. Bjork - Thursday, April 6 - 10:35-11:25 - Families with last names L-Z

Mrs. Kind - Friday, April 7 - 10:35-11:25 - Families with last names N-Z

From the Art Room-Mrs. Wingen

The Monroe Art Fair will be on Thursday, May 4.

From the Gym.-Mr. Carlson

April and May will go fast and have many changes to become more active. Spring brings warmer weather and longer days. Encourage your son/daughter to reduce screen time and get outside to play. We will be outside developing cardiovascular fitness and cooperative team game/activities. 5th grade will be wrapping up their bowling unit by taking a field trip to the WOW Zone. 4th and 5th grade will be doing an all new fishing unit. We will learn how to tie hooks, bait hooks, cast, and take the fish off the hook. Our culminating activity will be a field trip to Spring Lake to fish. On Tuesday, May 30, we will have our annual "Field Day". K-2 will participate in the afternoon and 3-5 will participate in the morning. It is always a lot of fun and will require many volunteers to run the stations. Look for a sign up form in early May.

~News From the PTO~

Monroe PTO-Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2017

Welcome and Introduction:

The meeting was called to attention by Co-Chair Jackie Murray at 6:30 pm on 3/13/17. There were 7 people in attendance.

Secretary’s Report:

The previous month’s report was reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Neither treasurer was able to attend. A print out of the budget was reviewed. Last month there was a teacher request to get new headphones for the testing season. The district paid for ½ of the cost and the PTO covered the other half. Every Chromebook now has a set of headphones to go with it! The treasurer’s report was approved.

Principal’s Report:

  • It was once again discussed what night to have the PTO meetings on for the next school year. It was suggested to try a different night (except Wednesdays and Fridays) each month. By trying different nights we’re trying to accommodate parents who would like to come but cannot make Monday nights.

  • The parents and teachers were asked how they felt about the student teacher conference schedule. The possibility of bringing back a daytime conference of 10:00 am-6:00 pm or 2:00 pm-7:00 pm. The teachers present said they haven’t had any complaints from parents since going to an all evening schedule.

  • Moving the open house to October or January was discussed. Having the open house in September and so close to entrance conferences does not give the children a lot of time to show their parents what they’ve been working on. Parents were concerned about the weather in January and possibly having a reduced attendance. Having a theme for the open house was also brought up.

  • The night at the Children’s Museum was a big hit and will hopefully be done again next January.

  • The first of the informances will be coming up. Mrs. Hopf and the children are putting a lot of work into them.

  • Tuesday Folder - The teachers and parents in attendendance like the paperless Tuesday folder. Some parents have had a hard time be able clearly read the announcements on their smart phones. Next year it may be in a different easier to read format.

Teacher Requests:

There were no teacher requests.

Committee Reports:

  • Cookbook fundraiser - Angie Anderson added a couple of days to the deadline after requests from a few parents. Over 100 recipes were submitted. The proofing of all the recipes was almost done. The layout of the cookbook was picked out. It was decided that 300 cookbooks would be ordered. Cookbooks will be sold at the Art Night and the Color Run for $10.00. Students from all grade levels were given an opportunity to design divider pictures (main dishes, desserts, etc…) These were looked at. Thanks to Angie Anderson for all the hard work she put into this.

  • Color Run - All of the positions were filled. The Downtown Kiwanis Club filled in all of the positions that were left open. All approvals needed to use Spring Lake Park and the shelter have been taken care of. Information for donating to the Color Run will be sent out to local businesses and families.

  • Conference Meals - Tuesday will be walking tacos and Monday will be soup and salad. The PTO and the Boy Scouts will have tables with information about both organizations set out.

  • PTO Involvement - It was discussed how to get more parent involvement. Parents do not need to attend the meetings to help out. Teachers may ask the parents to check out the PTO information at parent teacher conferences.

  • Kindergarten Round Up - A PTO speaker is needed to talk to parents about PTO. Angie Anderson volunteered. The roundup will be April 20th at 4:30 and 6:00. A sign up for volunteers will be going out soon.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 pm.

~Coming Soon~


4/4-Open Door Dental

4/4-Music Informance, Substad

4/5-Music Informance, Hammes

4/5-Music Informance, Wennes

4/5-Music Informance, Dickinson- Families with last names M-Z

4/6-Music Informance, Schemmel

4/6-Music Informance, Scruggs

4/6-Music Informance, Bjork-Families with last names L-Z

4/7-Music Informance, Shaw

4/7-Music Informance, Hoekstra

4/7-Music Informance, Peters

4/7-Music Informance, Kind-Families with last names N-Z

4/11-PLC 2-Hour Late Start

4/12-Planetarium Trip-Hatlestad & VanOverbeke

4/12-Last Day of ExCEL

4/13-Planetarium Trip-Eccles & Jaqua

4/14-No School

4/19-4/25-MCA Testing-Grades 3-5 (See testing schedule)

4/17- PTO Meeting 6:30, Media Center

4/20-Kindergarten Round-Up, 4:30 & 6:00

4/24-McEducator Night-Kindergarten, 4:30-7:00--McDonald's on Hwy. 169

Monroe Tuesday Folder

Tuesday Folder

Click on link above to view the Tuesday Folder.

~lunch Menus~

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