The energy the people need

By: Amanda Amarando

Is it renewable?

Petroleum is a non-renewable resource because it took a quarter billion years to create it and people are going through like it is an unlimited supply.

Where is it found on earth or is it produced with technology in a factory?

Petroleum is typically found underneath the surface known as fields. At first the demands were low and there was a bunch of oil reserves. But after there was a high demand the easy to find resources were used.

How does it work to produce energy for individuals and whole groups or communities?

Other than its use in creating the various "plastics" used in the manufacture of the generators, controllers, wire insulation, & etc., petroleum products such as oil, natural gas, and coal are burned to create the heat which boils the water which creates the steam which turns the turbines which turn the generators which transform motion into electrical current.
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Are there products created through the use of this energy source?

Who uses it?

Petroleum is used in many household items so pretty much anyone anywhere can or could be using petroleum.

What is the cost benefit of using this energy?

Benefits of petroleum have brought enumerable benefits to human civilization: quality of life, dynamic prosperity and a source of income to energy traders. The benefits of using petroleum is that you have easy transportation. It is easily distributed throughout countries such as railroads, ships etc.

Enviormental Impact of Plastic (Which is made of Petroleum)

The SERIOUS health and environmental impacts of Plastic

What are the advantages of petroleum?

1.Highly compact portable source of energy used for most forms of mechanical transportation.
2.Excellent source of organic molecules for building plastics,medicines, rubber, fiber, etc.
3.Can withstand high heats without breakdown making it useful as lubricants like motor oil and grease
4.Residuals make excellent surface for asphalt roads and waterproof roofing materials
5.Certain components make excellent solvents for paint, industrial use etc.
6.Other components (propane, butane) make excellent compact source of portable cooking fuel and heating in areas that do not have infrastructure for natural gas delivery.
7.Natural gas is used to make fertilizers used in agriculture and household detergents
8.Compared to most other fuel sources it is still one of the most economical -in other words the costs to produce it are relatively cheap compared to other energy sources.
9.Production of oil has much less impact and a smaller footprint on the earth surface than production of coal from strip mining
10.If not for the discovery of oil, all whales would likely be extinct, because they were the primary source of lamp oil for lighting before oil, and are still recovering from hunting in the 1800's.
11. The oil industry has been a source of much advanced technology and many new products that have changed our lives for the better.
12. During WW2 oil produced in Texas was the major source of fuel supply for the Allied Forces and without that advantage over both the Germans and Japanese, the world might look very different today. At that time the US was the major supplier of oil in the world.
13. Natural gas wells are the world's supply of helium gas.
14. Oil refining produces the world's supply of elemental sulphur as a byproduct, used for many industrial applications.