Accountant - Math And Numbers

By Maddie Carter

Have you ever thought of how your money goes or where your money goes? If you would like to know these things you should ask or become an accountant to find your ancers. If you don’t know what an accountant dues they keep your money tity or file your money. They are hard workers that are always looking for new ways to help you and me. They have good education, they have lots of responsibilities and requirements, and they have to know if it’s the best job for them.

The car of a accountant has a lot of Responsibilities and Requirements. People in this job keep track of your info and other peoples money. They also work on bugeting your exspenses as well. You will mostly work in offices which means you will mostly sit and when you are not you are on your break or eating. Sometimes you will work at home on the cumputer if you dident finish or if youwont to do more than you are required to do.You will ushaly work 40 hours in a week. If you want to work overtime you can work up to 80 hours in a week.

In my career,I will need to get a good education so I can find a good paying job.You will need to have a Master’s degree most of the time but you still need to pass a three day test in orter to get a job. This will tell them that you are abal to accountant for the job. You will need to pass four parts of the CPA exam within 18 months. You will have a wile to study but the tests arnt easy. You will ushaly get a salary of $39,930 - $111,510. Your being salary will probably be $39,930 or if you are very good or exsperensted you will get about $71,680.

Being an accountant is hard work you need to make sure it is the right career for you. You will have to be good with computers. Always remember to lean whenever you get the chance. You will have to stay tity. You will also need to follow the laws and there are a lot of them. You will ethor travel or you will work in a office. If you travel you want see your family but if you work in a office you will see them when you get home. if you are the kind of pron that duesent want to see your family you should be a traveling accountant but if you like seeing them I don’t I don’t think it’s for you. If you like seeing them you probably will want to work in a office so you can see them.

I hope that you can agree with me that the career of an accountant has many responsibilities and requirements. You should thank the next accountant you see and tell them how much you oprishat all the work they do to make the world a better places for us to live our lives.