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Family Edition - March - May 2022

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Welcome parents and families, to the Texas Migrant Education Program quarterly newsletter! This issue will highlight timely resources and upcoming events.

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Graduation from high school is the first step into your future. If you are a member of the high school graduating class of 2022, there are great tools available to help you if you plan on pursuing a college education. Check out the Parents and Families section on the Texas Migrant Education Program (TMEP) web portal or the Student Resources section of the Texas EL Portal for information on scholarships opportunities for Migrant Students. Another valuable resource for scholarship information is the Texas Migrant Interstate Program (TMIP) website. TMIP has information on additional scholarship opportunities for migrant students.

Not sure what to do yet? You may be thinking about going to college, starting a career, or joining a service organization. You have many options to choose from. Some of you have already made this decision and if so, congratulations! If you are still weighing your options, here are some things you could consider:

  • Get a job

  • Signup for an Internship

  • Start a Business

  • Attend a Trade School

  • Sign up for classes at a Community College

You may want to get advice from your parents, teachers, or counselors about your choices because your future is important.

College Checklist

Attending college can be an exciting time for incoming freshman. Class schedules, building locations, meeting new people, and moving into the dorm can all be a big transition. Before you pack or buy anything, other than your essentials, check with the college or university to get a packing list for items you’ll need for your dorm room. If you are attending college out of state, or your immediate area, make sure to find out about the weather so you can pack what you need for that season. Don’t try to take all of your clothes with you, space may be limited. It is also a good idea to talk with a current student about what you will need. They should be able to provide valuable information on the “what and what-nots” for new residents.

Consider these categories when packing:

  • Bath and Bedding

  • Health and Grooming

  • Laundry/cleaning items

  • Room décor

  • School supplies

  • Electronics (Laptop, refrigerator, etc.)

  • Food and Snacks

Enjoy this new experience!

Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS)

Starting in February, Emergent Bilingual (EB) students throughout the state of Texas will be participating in the TELPAS test. Students are required to take the TELPAS to assess the progress they are making in learning the English language in four domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

You can help your child get ready for this important assessment by:

  • Reading with your child and encouraging him/her to read out loud

  • Telling stories or sharing memories to develop listening skills

  • Encouraging your child to talk about their day or their dreams for the future

  • Have your child write notes to friends and family

Additional ways to help your child be ready for the TELPAS can be found on this brochure. For more information on the TELPAS, please visit the English Learner Portal or go directly to this FAQ.

Reach out to your MEP staff or recruiter to learn about how to get involved with the migrant Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is composed of migrant parents, school staff and community professionals who are interested in the academic success of migrant students. Attending PAC meetings allows you to provide input on programs and services that are available to your child and learn about training and resources available for family support. These meetings are conducted throughout the school year so contact your Migrant Recruiter to find out when the next meeting will be held and get involved.

Complete your High School Education

If you didn’t have an opportunity to obtain your high school diploma, you can get more information about the High School Equivalency (HSEP), formerly known as a GED, through the Texas Education Agency website. With an HSE, you can expand your career options or move to the next step to continue your education.

Many areas across the state offer classes in-person or online. Reach out to your migrant recruiter for information about how to register for HSE classes.

K-12 Education Resources for Parents of Migratory Children

We have designed literacy resources to use at home to support your children in grades K–12, visit the Education Resources for Parents of K-12 Migratory Children portal. This portal contains mini-lessons, tip sheets, short videos, downloadable apps, and interactive course modules for help your child achieve educational success. The resources on this portal are available free of charge and can be downloaded or printed right at home.

Reach out to your district/region Migrant Education Program staff or recruiter for help with gaining access to these lessons. Visit txmigrantk12.net today!

Stay Connected with your MEP Recruiter

As migratory parents and families, you should let your MEP recruiter know of any migratory move you or your family made over the summer. This will help ensure your children remain eligible for services and support for as long as possible.

In addition, when your family is considering making a migratory move during the school year, please reach out to your migrant recruiter. Your district MEP staff will send a move notification to the district you are moving to, which will assist with the enrollment process for your children and ensure they continue to receive MEP services at their new location.

Did you know the idea of spring break began in the 1930’s in the United States? This popular vacation week after the holidays is a welcomed break for a lot of students. Midterms are over and for many, it is time to get ready for graduation from high school or college. It also means time to spend with your family and friends, engaged in activities that you really enjoy.

Check your school district calendar because Spring Break 2022 will be here before you know it, so it is time to make plans! Whatever you choose to do, enjoy this time with your family and friends. Use it to reconnect, relax and get to know each other a little bit better. How about a bar-b-que, volleyball game or pitch a tent right in your own backyard?

Visit the Texas Migrant Education Program (TMEP) portal and click on Parents and Families to access free educational resources.