Waste Awareness

An issue that strikes America every year.

The Issue of Wasting

Waste Awareness has been a predicament that has struck America for centuries. Whether it was the mere choice of not recycling your water-bottle, or having a dinner party and using paper plates instead of regular reusable ones. Landfills are the biggest issue when it comes to waste. Landfills are not only a danger to the environment, but to people as well. People who live near landfills have higher tendencies to cancer, birth defects, and genetic mutations. Waste also affects the air, groundwater, and soil. These are crucial to the human race yet we endanger those factors and us daily.


What we can do


Upcycling is a solve to people wasting items that can easily be reused. Upcycling is taking something that has a purpose that is no longer necessary, and using it as something else. Like taking an old pair of jeans, and making them into jean shorts. Or taking an old oatmeal box and making a handmade drum. The possibilities are endless. It is a fun way to occupy your time and help the environment while doing so.

Recycling is something we have all heard of. It is a way of taking something like an empty bottle, and recycling it, which means it is taken to a facility and made into something else with machinery.

Other Actions we can Take

Reuse a water bottle

Print using double sided to save paper

If you mess up writing on paper use the other side

Taking the time to make sure we recycle things that are recyclable.

Help your school by donating pop tabs

Throw your gum out instead of leaving it on the street for someone to step on.