Mrs. Wright's Fourth Grade Class

Updates, News and Photos of our awesome days at Baker Butler

Fourth Quarter Updates!

Hello Families!
I cannot believe it is already the fourth and final quarter of the school year! We have so many exciting things coming up this quarter.

In reading we just DAYS away from our reading SOL! The students have worked so hard on reading skills, highlighting answers and proving themselves correct! They have continued to read novels to themselves and in groups but they have also been focusing on understanding passages and answering questions. The best news is--THEY ARE READY FOR THIS TEST! More details about the SOLS can be found in other parts of this newsletter.

In math we have reached the point of the year when we can review, review, review. The homework has been all review as well. The students are doing a great job and working hard.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as we move through the fourth quarter. Keep an eye on parent portal and the blue Friday folder. We are taking practice tests each week so the students get a lot of practice on the computer, so the folder does require a signature.

Our Minecraft Project is Coming Along!

Learning is FUN!

This week we were able to visit the library two magnificent times! We spent one class period with Mrs. Mays learning more about poetry and poetic language. We used our five senses to describe artwork and then used a technique of "blacking out" the extra words and leaving just the most descriptive and meaningful words! We were left with some awesome work! The second visit to the library was also super fun! We read a book that used incredibly difficult nonsense words to tell a story- but by using our knowledge of words (kind of like poetry!) grammar and inference skills we could tell what the author was talking about! We are so lucky to have such an awesome librarian who really makes books come alive for us!

We are SO ready for SOLS!

This week practiced test taking strategies and got our computers ready for testing by making sure they were updated and loaded with all the correct programs. The students practiced and are confidently ready. Also, your student now knows where to find practice tests on the VDOE website! If you want to see what they tests will be like ask them to show you!

Quick Tips for Success on the SOLS!

We take our reading SOL this week on Wednesday and Thursday. The test will begin at 8:30 so students must be on time. Please be sure your student eats breakfast the morning of the tests and gets a good night of sleep the nights before. Sleep and food can go a long ways during a rigorous test! The students are more than ready but sometimes things outside of our control can affect our attitudes the morning of the test. Please remember to give your student a big hug and wish them well on the tests! Thanks so much for your support!

Forms, Information and Upcoming Events!

This past week's blue folder was filled with many things that needed your attention. I realize they are not due yet but here are a few things to remember:

1. Jamestown field trip form and money
2. SOL retake permission form (not everyone received this, some have already been returned! Thank you!)
3. Individual Photos can be purchased or returned to me

** If you would like to attend the Jamestown field trip as a chaperone you will need to have a volunteer registration on file as well as a copy of your drivers license. Please call the office if you need more information. **

Reading SOL

Wednesday, May 4th, 8:30am to Thursday, May 5th, 12pm

2740 Proffit Road

Charlottesville, VA

Day One of our Reading SOL begins promptly at 8:30 on the 4th and Day two begins at 8:30 on the 5th. The test has two sections and will be completed on the 5th.

Math SOL

Thursday, May 19th, 9pm to Friday, May 20th, 11pm

2740 Proffit Road

Charlottesville, VA

Day one of our math SOL begins at 8:30 on the 19th and day two begins at 8:30 on the 20th. Its a two day test and ends on the 20th.

Jamestown Field Trip

Thursday, June 2nd, 7am

Jamestown, VA, United States

Jamestown, VA

Our buses will leave around 7am and will return around 5pm. More details and info coming home soon!
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Just a little Spring Cuteness from my house to yours!

One Last Thing!

I've decided to jump on the TWITTER bandwagon! Our class is doing so many amazing things and has begun to get some attention from around the district. Since other people were tweeting about us I thought I better get on board! If you use twitter please follow us @MrsWrightACPS to see whats going on in our classroom each day! Let me know what you think!

Mrs. Ashley Wright

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the mean to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea" Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Weekly Homework!

Weekly homework is given out on Mondays and due by the next Monday. The students should also be reading nightly. Please let me know if your student needs help finding a good book to bring home to read.